Dark Goliath

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Hello everyone it's time for another chapter. Last chapter, you accidentally saw the girls as they bathed and you saved Hestia from Mord and his gang, but the Dungeon had other ideas besides letting you leave.


POV: You

Part 1.

The crystals above cracked after we all saw the skull faced figure. The crystals light had faded away, leaving it mostly dark on the 18th floor. Then a huge humanoid figure with dark, almost black skin and white hair in the fetal position fell through the crystals on the ceiling and landed at the base of the large tree that was in the middle of the floor. After hitting the ground, the figure stood up and roared. I looked at the figure more and noticed that it looked exactly like Goliath but with the dark skin and white hair. Then monsters of many types start to spawn in the forest below, Battle Bears, Hell hounds, Minotaurs, Mantises.

"Great, the dungeon must really fucking hate me"

"Let's go, we got to help" I say as I see Mord and his friends get surrounded.

"No, Don't, are you sure you'd be doing them any good?, think about it"Ryuu tells me.

"Having people die because I made the wrong deduction isn't on my bucket list" I tell Ryuu.

Ryuu smirks "I'm not sure about your skills as a leader, but that doesn't make you wrong" Then she runs and jumps off the ledge.

"Chigusa, you protect Goddess Hestia,. Everyone else, let's move out" I say.

"Alright" Everyone states.

We left Chigusa and Hestia behind as we headed towards what I would call, Dark Goliath. When we arrived near Dark Goliath, we see Mord and his gang trying to hold off a pack off battle bears. A minotaur came up to Mord out of no where and tried to punch him. Before it could, I cut off its hand with Hestia knife before splitting it in half with Raikou. Welf and Lili took out one of the battle bears while Mikoto and Ouka took out the other. Lili then dragged off a shocked Mord away from the battle scene. I see a mantis heading towards Welf as he fought a battle bear and jumped in the air before slicing the Mantises' head off. Ryuu, went behind Dark Goliath and was able to get on its knees. Mikoto and Ouka attack Dark Goliath as it was vulnerable. Their attack was ineffective as their attacks were nothing but a tickle to it. Dark Goliath started to charge an attack from its mout but Welf intervined.

"Willo the Whisp!" Welf shouts and Dark Goliaths attack explodes in its face.

Some covered its face but when the smoke disappeared the attack did miner damage, only removing Dark Goliaths lips. Dark Goliath charged up for another attack but Ryuu hit it in the face before it could fire the shot off. I ran toward Dark Goliath and stabbed both Ushiwakamaru and Hestia knife into Dark Goliath's left leg using my momentum to slide down his leg with my knives dug under its skin. Dark Goliath roared in pain before I pulled my knives out.

"(Y/n)! The mages are about to unleash their attacks!" Welf shouts at me.

"Okay!" I replied before running away from Dark Goliath.

Then explosions of fire hit Dark Goliath, then swarms of arrows, Lightining, and Ice and wind attacks. They all occurred for a few seconds, making Dark Goliath roar and fall onto its knees. It was batters with open wounds all over and it's jaw fell of with all the skin on its face gone, leaving a skull face staring back at everyone. Dark Goliath stood back up again and everything healed, it's cuts, it's face, and even its jaw in a matter of seconds. After it healed, Dark Goliath and a slight layer of red aura surrounding it. Dark Goliath then roared and slammed both of its fists j to the ground, creating a huge explosion. As it did, The entire floor became blood red, not by blood but from the crystals above. More monsters arrived from out of no where, endless waves of monsters, one after another. I sliced, chopped, hacked and slashed at every monster, It felt like I was being corrupted, so much blood on was on me, I could feel that it had seeped through my clothes underneath my armor, but I was sure that I wasn't the only one. After jumping on top of a minotaur and shoving Hestia knife into its skull, I see my hands sparkling in the white and blue sparkles again.

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