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Hello everyone it's time for a new chapter. Last chapter was all about putting the harem together for an official relationship which included Aiz, Hestia, and Lili. Who will be next?


POV: You

Part 1.

It's been about a week since I started training with Aiz. She said that we could only train till her next expedition which is later today. In this past week Syr has been added to the harem, why not make a scene? Too lazy, anyway It's early morning, me and Aiz are in the wall again. After our training, me and her were just relaxing a bit. We sat against the small wall on top of the wall, she sat on my right with her head against my chest.

"(Y/n)?" Aiz says.

"What is it Aiz?"

"Why do so many girls like you?" She flat out asks me.

"I don't have clue exactly why, but protecting them is my number one priority" I tell her.

"Even me?"

"Of course, even though you are a lot stronger than me and can protect your self just fine, when I need to protect you I will" I say.

She turns her head to look at me "I love you (Y/n)" she says with a smile.

"I love you too" I say back.

"I really want to know what Tonia and Tonie have been telling Aiz about relationships because she can say I love you with a smile like she's told me that phrase for years, yet she shows almost no emotion to no one else but me"

"I've been asked out 50 times. Though I declined them all" She says.

"But ironically you asked me"

"If I didn't you probably wouldn't of asked me" She tells me

"Fair point"

"I'll miss you while I'm on my exhibition" She tells me as she hugs me and puts her head in my chest.

"I'll miss you too Aiz"

"Promise me you won't die while I'm gone"

"I promise you I won't die period" I tell her "The same goes for you as well Aiz"

"I won't let anything happen to me (Y/n)"

"I know you won't Aiz" I say.

She leans up to my face and gives me a gentle kiss with her soft lips that haven't been touched by anyone but me. This was our 2nd kiss and was blissful since both could enjoy the simple kiss, It felt magical in a way.
She pulls away and we both open our eyes. She gives me a smile and stands up. I stand up as well and she grabs her sword.

"Hey Aiz, there's something I want to give you" I say to her.

"What is it?" She replied.

"Well..." I then pulled out a small silver band out of my pocket "I know it's nothing really of value but I wanted to give you this ring so that when your in the dungeon, everytime you look at it you can think of me and the others" I say.

She takes the ring and puts it on her left middle finger. She smiles once again before kissing me on the cheek

"I need to go back to my familia, I'll see you soon (Y/n)" Aiz says before walking off.

As I grabbed my small bag and when I touched it a sense of danger coming close ran through me, but not close as in distance but as in time.

I got off the wall and started walking towards the Hostess of Feetility with that sense of danger lingering inside my mind. I was going to get my lunch from Syr before heading home to get Lili so we can head into the dungeon. I got to the Hostess of Fertility and opened the door.

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