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Hello everyone it's time for a new chapter. Last chapter you got Liliruca, or Lili, as your supporter in the dungeon full time. She's a Chienthrope and is the shortest and cutest girl you've ever seen, Seriously she's 3'7.


POV: You

Part 1.

It was almost noon and Me and Lili were in the dungeon on the 7th floor. In the cold dark caves I was facing killer ants and needle rabbits with Hestia knife. These motherfucker's just kept coming, I sliced at them one after another as they charged at me. A killer ant jumped at me as I killed another one so I kicked it away from me.

"Master (Y/n) watch out" Lili shouts as she was picking up magic stones.

Behind her a stampede of 3 needle rabbits came at me. The first one jumps at me, I swing and missed it and the rabbit hit my chest plate knocking me to the floor. The needle rabbit was next to me as I had Hestia knife in my right hand and stabbed it. Then the killer ant from before gets up and crawls on top of me and tries to bite by face off. I shove green supporter in its mouth, it grinds its mouth against the metal of green supporter. On the right side of me another needle rabbit tries to stab me in the side of the head with its horn so I stabbed it in its head.  I tried to get the goddamn killer ant off me but it wouldn't budge as I punched it itn the side of the head with my right fist.

"Leave him alone!" Lili shouts and I see a fireball shoot towards the killer ant on top of me.

The fireball hits the killer ant in the back making it lose it's grip off of me and I slice it's head off, turning it to ash. Another needle rabbit then jumps at me and I punch as hard as I could with my left fist from its side making it fly into the wall with blood splattered where it hit the wall before turning to smoke. A killer ant then crawls out of the wall and scurries towards me and I stab it in it's head. Lastly I see one last needle rabbit but it didn't do anything, it just sat there and looked at me, it didn't have red eyes but it had blue eyes. As I go towards it the needle rabbit runs off.

"Huh, that was weird" I say to my self.

"Are you okay master (Y/n)?" Lili asks as she runs towards me.

"Yup, I'm fine" I say as I turned to face her "Thanks for saving me from that killer ant Lili"

"Sure thing" She replies.

Lili then started to pick up all the magic stones that were dropped as I leaned up against the wall and talked to her "So, was that magic you used?" I ask.

"Umm not really...." She says as she picks up a magic stone "I have a magic knife"

"That's cool, I can't believe you used something of such value for me, Thanks again" I say.

"Don't mention it, I wanted to help you out cause I wanted to"

I put my hand on her shoulder "If you ever need help, tell me and I'll help you as much as I can"

A blush then appears on her face "T-thanks"

"Ready for a break?" I ask.


We walk around until we found a small open room in side the caves where we could watch the entire room just in case a monster or 2 try to attack us. I pull out a wrapped lunch box that Syr gave me this morning from Lili's bag. We sit on the ground and Lili sets her bag to the side as I unwrapped the lunch box and took the lid off of the wooden box. Inside was.....I wasn't really sure what the heck they were, they were like cracker sandwiches that had different fillings in them, they didn't use regular bread since the top and bottom looked crunchy.

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