New Armor

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Hello everyone it's time for a new chapter. Last chapter you got your new weapon from Goddess Hestia called Hestia Knife, and with it you killed the silverback that was chasing you and Hestia.


POV: You

Part 1.

It's been a few days since the incident during monsterphilia and I killed that silverback. I've seen Aiz around town sometimes but and when she noticed me her cheeks became slightly pink before continuing on her way. I was in the Pantheon to talk to Eina before going to the dungeon.

"Eina, IIs it okay if I start going down to floor 7 from now on?" I tell Eina.

Eina stood behind the counter as I stood in front of the counter.

"Seriously, Floor 7!" Eina almost shouts "But it was only just the other day that you almost got killed on Floor 5, what in the world makes you think your ready for 7. How insane can you possibly be"

"I'm not that crazy, It's been at least a week if not a week and a half since that happened" I tell Eina "C'mon, please let me go, I've gotten much stronger since then. I mean my status is all the way up to E already"

"Wait...E, that's not even possible" Eina says.

"I'll show you and you can see for yourself" I tell her.

Eina brings me over to a corner and I lift the back of my shirt so that she could see my back. Eina leans down and starts scanning my back with her emerald colored eyes.

"Hmm lets see. Strength and Endurance are both E, and Agility is D!. You weren't kidding (Y/n), you have been advancing extremely quickly" She says before standing strait up while crossing her arms. "I am not able to read the whole thing but, well your abilities do appear to be genuine"

I stand up and pulled down my shirt while saying "So it's okay for me to go to Floor 7 from now on, right?"

"On the one hand if you status is really that impressive I have no reason not to clear you for Floor 7" She says before looking at me " But on the other hand, your armor....uhhh" She says while basically saying it's trash.

"Yes I know my armor is trash at the moment" I tell Eina.

"Tell you what, do you have any plans for tomorrow?" Eina asks.

"Well besides going to the dungeon, no not really" I reply.

"Perfect, since I have a day off tomorrow we can go shopping" Eina says excitedly.

"Okay, what time do you want to meet up?"

"How about 10, At the statue in the plaza by the Pantheon" Eina says.

"Okay, see you tomorrow Eina, I'm off to the dungeon" I say. Before turning to walk out.

"Bye (Y/n)" Eina tells me as I leave.

Part 2.

It was the next day and I stood by the statue in the plaza. I was wearing my usual outfit that I almost always wear around. It was only a few minutes before 10. The sun was shining bright and the morning rush of adventurers was over but there was still a lot of people around.

"(Y/n), Over here" I hear Eina say from the opposite direction then the one I was looking in.

I turn to Eina and I see what she was wearing. She was wearing a white shirt that has a black ribbon at the bottom of her collor near her breasts, a short red skirt and black stockings and some dress shoes. But the one thing that I noticed the most was that she didn't have her glasses on and with what she was wearing she looked pretty.....and hot, Maybe not as much as Aiz but still pretty up there.

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