Hestia Knife

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Hello everyone it's time for a new chapter. Last chapter was mostly about the part Hestia went to and while she was there asked Hephaestus to make you a custom weapon which she agreed to do so weirdly enough. Now into the chapter.


POV: Hestia

Part 1.

It was after the party and Me and Hephaestus were in her office. We both were out of our dresses and in our normal everyday clothes.

Hephaestus sat at her desk as I sat in a chair across from her

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Hephaestus sat at her desk as I sat in a chair across from her. She had her legs crossed as she was writing something down on a piece of paper with a feather and ink. I sat waiting for her to finish with my hands on my legs.

"So tell me Hestia, why do you need me to make (Y/n) a weapon?" Hephaestus asked while looking up from her paper to look at me.

"Well..." I say struggling to tell her and look down " He's been so different lately. He's got a single goal on his mind, he's running strait towards it and and will stop for absolutely nothing and it's a dangerous path, that's why I want to give him strengh. He needs a weapon that can clear the way. All I want to do is help him and support him, even though I'm his goddess I haven't been able to do one godly thing for him. I feel so useless, I hate it. I hate it I hate it" I explain with tears welling up in my eyes.

"I guess you have changed" She says then stands up from her seat " well alright then, in that case I will do it if it truly means that much to you"

I wipe my eyes and put on a happy expression before going up to her and hugging her. She embraces the hug and hugged me back before we separated from it.

"But I'm warning you Hestia, you are going to pay me back this.no matter how many eternitees it takes understand" Hephaestus warns.

"I promise I will pay you back" I reply.

Hephaestus then turns her head away from me with her cheeks a tad pink.

"It may or may not include me borrowing (Y/n) from you for a while from time to time" Hephaestus says while not looking at me.

"Why would you need to borrow (Y/n) Hephaestus? Don't you have your familia when you need something?" I question her with my head tilted in confusion.

"Well I need a personal assistant sometimes when I work and my familia is busy all the time making and selling their own weapons and armor. Plus there are things that only a adventure can help me with" she explains in a shaky voice.

"That makes sense to me, just tell me when you need him so I can't tell him to come here" I say with a smile.

"Thank you for understanding Hestia" she says then walks over to a hammer rack in her office and grabs one of the hammers" So what kind weapon does (Y/n) prefer?" She asks back in her normal voice.

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