Danmachi: Rogue Prince (X Male Reader)

Danmachi: Rogue Prince (X Male Reader)

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Clayton Kuhlmann By rg808guy Updated May 08

Note: This is a (Danmachi x Male reader) book

Description/small summery

You are a young adventurer at the age of 16 and in the Hestia familia. It is just you and your goddess, Goddess Hestia. You strive to be strong so the people around you could be safe and protected. At first your main driving force was the death of your grandfather who was killed by a monster. But now it might be something else.......or someone else or maybe even multiple someones . Being a adventurer means that any day could be your last. Who do you want those days to be with?

Little reference guide for you.

(Y/n)= your first name
(L/n)=your last name
(E/c)=eye color
(H/c)=hair color
(H/l)=hair length

I do not own Danmachi or anything I use in this book except the story itself

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