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Joe getting hurt

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Joe getting hurt


You were laying at home when you heard voices outsides.

Sitting up from your bed you saw Joe and his girlfriend Sarah.

Joe had just told Sarah he loved her but she wouldn't say it back, all she did was shake her head.

"You don't love me?"He asked his heart breaking into a million pieces.

Sarah silently walked away leaving Joe to walk to is house that was next to yours.

Feeling bad for the boy you had so many feelings for you walked over to his house.

"Are you okay?"You asked as the tear stained boy opened the door.

Shaking his head he opened the door more allowing you to go inside.

Following Joe to the couch you sat on his right side allowing him to cry and rant.

"I just don't get it y/n, was I not good enough for her?"

"Don't you ever say that. She is just a blind girl who was too busy getting her nails painted to see how lucky she was to have you. You did everything and anything for her, she didn't give you the love you deserved. So don't cry because when you have finally healed form this hurt and are ready to date again, you'll have an open mind of who to look for,"you ranted to the boy who layed in your arms.

"I wish I would have dated you instead of Sarah."

For annabellcheese2003

hope you enjoyed it

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