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Leonardo seeing you with another man

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Leonardo seeing you with another man


You were constantly looking for your best friend Leonardo but he wasn't in sight.

Losing hope you went by your mother who introduced you to Jack. Jack was you assigned date but you didn't want to be there with him, you wanted to be there with Leonardo.

You and Jack walked by the buffet and as you turned you made eye contact with the only boy who was on your mind. But he gave you a quick glare and walked on.

"I'll be right back,"you said quickly to Jack chasing after your friend.

"Leonardo wait,"you called grabbing his arm.

"What?"He snapped causing you to jump.

"Where were you?"You asked him referring to the specific time you guys planned to meet.

"I had things to do, but you sure kept busy,"he said looking towards Jack.

"Leonardo, Jack is my assigned date. I don't want him to be my date I had someone else in mind,"you blushed looking at your heels.



"Oh thank God because then I would have gotten this necklace for nothing."

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