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Timothee when he sees you

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Timothee when he sees you


There was a local fair in your town that comes every summer and your friends all decided to go, except you. But after hours of convincing you finally gave in.

"The boys will be there too!"Jade yelled making you roll your eyes.

Your friend group consisted of Jade, Sarah, and Mariana. There were always the boys who you guys were friends with that consisted of Tyler, Alex, Carl, and Timothee.

Walking in the fair you quickly made eye contact with Timothee. Growing a smile you walked over to the boy.

"I was hoping you'd show up,"he stated making you smile.

"Well here I am,"you said bowing.

Laughing Timothee went to scratch the back of his head. Something he did when he was nervous.

"Do you want to maybe leave the group and do our own thing?"He asked nervously.

"Like a date?"

"Yeah like a date,"he smiled looking at you.

"Then I would love too."

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