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Beck watching you sing

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Beck watching you sing


It was your turn to audition for the part of Carol in the musical "My Great Life" for school. It was your second week at Hollywood Arts and you were nervous. You haven't made much friends, so walking up to the front people began to whisper.

"Who is this girl?"Jade spat looking at you up and down.

"That's y/n she's new here,"Andre clarified leaning forward to her seat.

Nodding Jade put her hand to her chin and watched you.

"You can begin,"Mr.Sikowitz stated.

Nodding you began to recite the lines you memorized for days.


When you were finished the class began to slap for you.

"Oh my God she can sing,"giggled Cat clapping like a 5 year old.

"That was so good,"Tori awed.

"I've seen better,"Jade rolled her eyes.

"That was amazing,"Beck smiled keeping his eyes on you as you went to go sit in your spot.

"Man you just got out of a relationship don't try anything or else it's gonna start stuff with Jade."

"I won't but doesn't mean I can't admire her."

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