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Lucas talking about a girl

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Lucas talking about a girl


You went over to your best friends house because he needed to talk to someone, so running out your house you ran to his that was just a couple houses down.

"Lucas?"You called walking in his room to see him on the floor legs pulled to his chest.

"She cheated,"he pushed out referring to his girlfriend of a year.

"Oh Lucas,"you cooed sitting next to him, having your arm around him letting him cry in your shoulder.

You never liked the girl he dated. She was your classic cheer leading team captain that ruled the school. She would be very snobby to you when Lucas wasn't around, and made you look like a bad person. So a couple months before she cheated Lucas stopped talking to you because of the girl, causing you to be depressed.

So when he called you randomly you answered.

"I'm sorry y/n,"Lucas said pulling his head from your shoulder.

"It's okay,"you smiled knowing what he was talking about.

As long as you had your friend back that's all that mattered.

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