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Matthew when you guys are talking

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Matthew when you guys are talking


You went to go sit by the fire, your legs aching.

You were at a beach fire, that your friends dragged you to so you could be the designated driver.

"Lame party?"A boy asked you smoking a cigarette.

Taking a better look you noticed it was Matthew Daddario. You guys had English, and biology together.

"Mhm,"you replied looking into the fire.

"Want to get out of here?"He asked making you smile.

"I would but I have to stay. I'm the designated driver,"you sighed rolling your eyes.

"From the looks of it your friends won't be done partying anytime soon. C'mon I'll have you back in an hour."

Finally agreeing you stood on your feet following Matthew.

As you guys reached his vehicle he politely opened the door and closed it for you making you blush not expecting his politeness.

"You sure you aren't going to murder me?"You laughed as he came around to the driver seat.

"I would never hurt someone as beautiful as you."

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