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Carl when you catch him

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Carl when you catch him


You wen to your boyfriends house after not seeing him for a couple days.

You noticed a change. He stopped calling and texting and when you would call or text he would make it quick.

So after talking to Fiona you decided to go to the Gallagher residence and talk to him.

Knocking at the door your anxiety was high. You didn't know why but you couldn't help but wonder of all the possibilities.

"Get the damn door next time Liam,"you heard Ethan yell before opening the door.

"Hi stranger,"you smiled looking at the boy.

You smile soon faded as you saw the hickeys that lay across his neck.

"That's cute,"you pointed making him look shocked.

"Y/n I can explain,"he rushed stuttering between his words.

"No Carl,"you stopped him. "There's nothing to explain. You cheated because I wasn't good enough. If you didn't want to be with me you should have just said so instead of becoming a cheater."

"Y/n I do want to be with you."

"Clearly you don't,"you're voice cracked, you struggled to not cry.

"I love you y/n."

"Goodbye Carl."

for WillSmith5SOS

I know you asked for Ethan and I completely forgot so when I started writing the imagine I was using Ethans name but the Carl plot, or involved with Shameless, I hope it's okay though.

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