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Peter when you guys are seats away

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Peter when you guys are seats away


You were entering the bus that would take you to the yearly Ski Trip.

It something that happens every year with your school, and you were excited to go with your best friend Peter. This year he was single, so he was gonna help you learn to ski.

Looking for your brown eyed friend you quickly smiled seeing him sitting by the window and an empty spot.

He made eye contact with you and quickly smiled back.

But your smiles vanished when Gen took the empty spot, and Peter put two fingers to his head making duck lips ( a/n I tried describing the gif lol)

Frowning you sat in an open spot next to Lara Jean. You knew Gen and Peter would get back together. You felt so dumb believing Peter could like you when he saw you just as a friend.

Turning back one more time you saw Peter and Gen making out.

You heart felt like it was in pieces, and all the excitement you had for this trip vanished.

"I hate you Peter Kavinsky."

for qutubbbbbbbb

hope you liked it
okat but on an extra note whats the glitch on wattpad all about ? and if accounts are getting deleted thats sad , if my accounts gets deleted i dont think ill come back :/ i worked hard to get where im at and having to restart will really stress me out, and schools starting soon, and i dont need added stress.

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