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Dave seeing you wear his gift

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Dave seeing you wear his gift


You went to your best friends house because you guys had gotten into a fight on your birthday.

It was over the fact that Dave was dating a girl that you didn't like and you kept trying to get him to end things.

So when you told him what you thought and what you knew of the girl he got angry throwing the gift he got you on the floor running out of your house.

"Dave?"You called making the boy turn to look at you.

At first he had a look of hurt but it quickly turned to a smile when he saw you wearing the gold "y/n" necklace.

"You like it?"He smiled. He didn't care you guys had just gotten into a fight, he just cared about the gift he saved up for.

"I love it,"you smiled back sitting next to him.

"I'm sorry,"you said looking the boy in his eyes.

"I ended things with her,"he spoke softly.


"Because I knew she wasn't good for me. People told me things of her that I didn't want to believe, and you were the only one who didn't so when you said those things it made me mad, mad at the truth not you. So I asked around and found out the truth. She had been cheating on me, and was basically using me for my money,"he ranted.

"Dang that's messed up,"you sighed putting your hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay because it helped me see who I really do want and need."



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