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Noah when you doubt yourself

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Noah when you doubt yourself


"I just don't want to be here anymore,"you cried to your best friend of ten years.

"Don't say that,"his said quietly his eyes showed how broken he felt from your wrods.

"Well no one cares about me so what's the point!"You scream throwing your hands up.

"I do, alright. I care!"He screamed back blinking away tear. '"And I don't just care about you, I love you. You mean so much to me y/n and if you were never apart of my life I don't know what or who I would be. So please don't hurt yourself, and don't think of it because you mean so much to me."

For OutColddBrii

Hope you liked it!

Also this chapter is clearly focused on the manner of self harm/suicide, and it's a topic that goes unseen or not discussed. I want everyone reading this to know you are all beautiful, amazing, loved, cared for, and you all have a reason to be here. If you're going through something and you feel empty or lost just know that life will get better. It may not feel or seem that way but trust me it will. As a person who dealt with suicide attempts, suicide thoughts, and depression I'm at a place where I'm truly happy and know I'm here for a reason, and I know that reason. Guys, I'm young, I won't say my age but I'm so young and the fact I feel I have a reason shows that life gets better. If any of you need someone to talk to please message me. I'm here for each and every one of you. <3

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