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Tom when you kept looking at him

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Tom when you kept looking at him


You were the camera women for the interview for Tom Hiddleston and you couldn't help but take glances at him.

It was about the tenth time you looked at him when he caught you and winked.

Blushing madly you turned and didn't look back again.

After the interview you walked over to the concessions to get water and bumped into Tom.

"I am so sorry,"you apologized bending down to gather your phone.

"No worries,"the man smiled brightly at you. "I couldn't help but noticed you were looking at me."

In that moment your eyes widened so wide and your face got so hot.

"Don't be embarrassed it was cute,"he laughed making you sigh in relief.

"I would think you would be creeped out," you laughed lightly.

"No way, I enjoy being looked at by pretty girls,"he flirted making you smile."But you really distracted me so I think the only way to make up for it is by giving me your number."

For annabellcheese2003

hope you liked it! :)

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