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Nahmir talking about you

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Nahmir talking about you


"How do you really feel about her?"Nahmirs friend asked as they were writing music.

"Man I really like her on my momma. But I don't wanna hurt her. I just be feelin like she'll see a side of me that she don't like and will leave, or that I will so somethin dumb and she'll leave. Man I wanna give her the whole world, she help me out of the dark and I wanna pay it back to her."

"The was you speaking you ain't ever gonna hurt you, tell her how you feel before it's too late. There's this other dude trying to get with her."



so sorry for the late update i started school today kms, and I have my first volleyball game that'll we'll probably lose lmao.
also if you have a request can you please PM me, i get so many notifications so i dont always see every comment , thank you :)

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