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2 hours earlier

percy pulled me aside away from everyone and started to fidget. I raised an eyebrow at him and waited. "nico... we both know that this is probably my worst plan and I most likely will get killed but I just..." percy paused and I felt my heart flutter. I tried to push the possible hope away, but it was so hard with the way he was looking at me. he sighed and said " I just wanted to tell you that... that I love you neeks. I always have.... I just never really knew until recently and I thought I ought to tell you before I...." I cut him off by slamming my lips to his. his lips were chapped from when he bit on them and he smelt like sea water. his arms wrapped around my waist and my hands ended up tangled into his messy locks. when we broke the kiss he rested his forehead on mine and chuckled. i smiled and laughed holding him close. "percy please dont do anything rash. i can't lose you." i said looking into his eyes. percy studied my face and gave a weak smile. "ill try neeks, but i cant promise anything." i nodded and hugged him tighter i had just gotten him and i didnt plan on losing him any time soon.


1 1/2 hrs later

"remember dean sam stay out of the way unless i cant handle her. nico stay by them, piper i need you gabriel and castiel behind her. ill try to keep her focus on me for as long as i can." i said looking at each person in turn my eyes breifly flicking back over to nico after everyone had nodded. i walked out onto the beach and stood in front of the same cabin i came to eery year with sally. i loved all the trips here, but now they were tainted memories. "perseus jackson.... are you ready to die?" i turned and saw the woman i used to call my mother to my left. "it wouldnt be the first time you things tried to kill me." i spat out glaring. it/she cackled evily. "oh that may be true young hero! but i will be the first to succeed! i am not in full control of this woman... we share.." the eidolon said with a twisted grin. " you should have heard the way paul screamed for us to stop." i growled anger fueling me but i controled it. "oh come on son of poseidon dont you want revenge?" it asked as they took a step towards me. each and every step brought them closer to me i watched as piper and the two angels circled behind them. i heard sam and dean shift. nico was standing next to the cabin hidden in the shadows watching. what i didnt expect was for them to pull out a large kitchen knife that was still coated in pauls dried blood. i had to jump back quickly not expecting her to start swiping at me. i saw their eyes flick from gold to brown and vise versa.  "stop!" i froze in place and so did they. "look at me now!" i turned and looked at piper and i could see both the eidolon and sally struggling to disobey her. "drop the knife now and leave sally jackson!" piper comanded we all saw the hesitation "now!" piper nearly screamed sallys shoulders slumped in defeat and the knife was dropped. as the spirit left her sally dropped to her knees. i smiled and looked at nico there was relief in everyones postures until i noticed sally getting up the knife clutched back in her grasp. i stared in horror as she turned to the demigod son of hades who had started walking to me with a smile on his face. i watched as if in slow motion sally throw the knife and without even thinking i ran and shoved nico out of the way. i could hear her screaming about how if she couldnt be happy no one could. it didnt make sense to me, all i knew was that i needed to protect nico. the moment my hnd connected with his chest i shoved as hard as i could knocking him off his feet. i felt something slam into my chest, it got really hard to breathe. it felt like my chest had exploded after a moment, and i could hear everyone screaming and the movement of feet on sand. there was a struggle for a moment, but i couldnt focus on that i was watching nicos face which was filled with horror. i reached out to him dispite the pain but i couldnt stay standing and felt my legs give out underneath me. 

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