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"help me! please we need to get him to the water!" nice screamed at sam and dean who looked up at him not comprehending what he had said. slowly nico got them into action, as he tried to drag him down to the ocean. the whole time nico was praying to his father for him to just let percy live. they got him situated nico held percy sobbing. "please percy please dont leave me... please...... come back" nico begged completely ignoring the cackling laughter of sally jackson, thankfully piper handled that with a punch to sally's face. dean placed a hand onto the young mans shoulder trying to pull him away. "kid its not going to work just let go so we can get him out of here." nico clung tighter to percy crying "percy please I cant lose you....please" it hurt their hearts more than they were willing to admit.


I opened my eyes to see hades infront of me with the fates. I bowed in respect to them before asking "what did you mean when you said that" hades sighed before explaining. "perseus you were supposed to stay with your brothers as you were growing up. but instead you were handed the life you lived. the fates are willing to give you the life you were meant to." I looked at the fates in surprise before I felt nothing but sadness "as much as id love to live that life, I cant. as messed up as the life I lived was I cant say I would change it." there was an annoying ringing in my ears that was steadily growing. smiling the fates asked " who said you were dead young hero?" "but I died... I was impaled through the chest with a large kitchen knife." hades laughed at my outburt. I stared at them blankly not understanding the fates sighed. "Perseus, you were goven a wish after the giant war one that was not granted nor did you ask for anything. Since that was the case......" all three smiled creepily before continuing we are able to do this." I was not expecting all three of them to place their right hands on my chest and push. Im pretty sure i screamed..... no it was not a girly scream..... ok maybe it was.......

Im back!!! It took me forever to set up my new room lol.... anyway im back into writing my stories!!!! And i originally (and still do) had two endings for this one i might write out both for everyone to pick their favorite i dont know yet.... but anyway thank you all so much for being so patient with me!!!

Happy hunting

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