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I hid a smile when i saw percys face. Dad had redone the place since he had last been here. I grabbed his hand and dragged him along blushing slightly.  The doors opened for me and i ran into the throne room to find dad, Persephone, and Demeter all there. But this time it was demeter and persephone arguing.....  About me.  "leave him alone mother! That boy has been nothing but loyal and helpful since i met him. You will not curse him at all!" i stood  there in shock, i was kinda touched that she cared about me.  "excuse me not to interrupt your argument about me and everything but would it be alright if i spoke to my father right quick? " i asked as polite as i could. Percy snickered behind me so i kicked his shin as both goddesses turned to look at me, one smiling the other frowning. I watched as one goddess (persephone) drag the other (demeter)  out of the throne room where the argument was started all over again as they "walked" away. "hey dad i have a favor to ask. "


I am really regretting this now. I should have waited to come back into their lives...  But i missed sammy.  Ok yes i can see the judgemental looks your giving me. Believe me nothing slips past me, well except for the fact sam had felt the same way about me......  Man how did i miss that the first couple times? Anyway here i am sitting in the back of the impala staring at the back of sams head wondering how exactly im going to tell the moose that i like him....  Yeah cause that makes alot of sense...  Tell the guy you tormented for years that you like him. I sighed lightly, and looked out the window it was gonna be a while till we got there. I kinda regret telling them the location of the camp, seeing as how the campers are more than alittle hesitant on anything to do with the winchesters.  I pondered what i could do when i heard deans voice from the front seat, and thats when i realised i had been staring at sams head not even realising he had fallen asleep. "you good gabe? " he asked "yeah... Yeah im good just thinking about something. " i could practically see the smirk in the darkness of the night. "does it have to do with sam? " i could feel my vessels cheeks warming. "maybe it does. Why would it matter if it did? " i asked slightly defensively. Dean chuckled a bit before his face had grown serious.  "hes been through alot gabe, what with percy and all. Just please please do me a favor and promise me youll protect him." i stared at dean for a long time just amazed that he had basically given me permission to be with his brother.  "i will dean i can promise you i will" i said finally looking at him in the rear view mirror. He nodded and looked at me, and for a brief moment i saw the gratefulness in his eyes before he turned and looked back at the road.


Hello my little hunters! I promise i will be updating more often now that i am settled into my new home! I hope yall are doing as well as us hunters can be.

Be safe and keep hunting!

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