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(E/c) eye color
(N/n) nickname
(Y/n) your name
(H/c) hair color
(R/g/n) random girls name

Enjoy my little hunters

5 years later

It was nice to see them all around the table, all three of my boys together. It was definitely a shock to see that I wouldn't be getting any grandchildren from them at least until Nico and Percy came home to the bunker one day with a frightened little one clutching to Percy's chest for dear life. Every since then my little (h/c) (e/c) grandchild has been inseparable from any of us. I remember the day they were brought home.

Three years ago

"Mom!! I need your help!!" Mary got up from her spot into the library and ran to the front entrance to see Percy clutching a very small child in his arms. He looked very desperate "mom please I don't know what to do they wont let go!!" Mary laughed causing the small (h/c) (e/c) child to look at her slowly. " hello little one, what's your name?" Mary asked carefully taking them from Percy so he could get bandaged up by Sam whom had walked into the room after Nico had ran to get him. They muttered a quick reply biting their lip and refusing to look Mary in the eye. "Hey sweetheart it's ok your safe now, we won't let anybody hurt you. Will you please tell me your name hunny?" Mary asked they looked Mary in the eyes slowly and said a little louder "my name is (y/n)" Mary smiled slightly "well sweetie I'm going to call you (n/n).. how old are you?"

Percy watched his mother with them he smiled that was honestly the point he decided that no matter what he would protect them with his life.they would be his and nicos child. And he knew Nico wouldn't mind one bit.

Flashback end

"Grandma grandma look look!!" They held a picture up to my face it had everyone in the family drawn as best as a six year old could do "that's beautiful (n/n) why don't we go put that on the fridge so papa and daddy can see it?" I laughed when they cheered and took off to the kitchen I laughed a little before following behind. I knew all my boys were safe even if they didn't hunt together,it was a shock to learn Percy Nico and (y/n) were all demigods, and that Sam and dean were dating angels but hey I'm not going to complain. I started rubbing my stomach thinking of when (r/g/n) would be born. The boys were already overly protective of their unborn baby sister they even threatened booby  a couple of times after finding out. I chuckled at the memory I couldn't wait my family was perfect and to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way.

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