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"so your mother isn't your mother, and your real mother is dead?" leo asked stating what everyone was thinking. "pretty much." percy said rubbing the back of his head. it wasnt easy watching him go through this interrogation, sam would occasionally grab my arm and prevent me from saying something to these.... Kids. it was hard enough to deal with losing him but watching them go from respecting him to being sceptical about him. but i stayed quiet enough to hear them all come up with a plan. i watched percy as he took suggestions and reasoned why some would work while others wouldnt. i was in awe of him, he was such a leader, like he was born to do this. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Gabriel looking at me sheepishly. I walked away from sam and percy for a moment and raised an eyebrow at gabe. "what?" he rubbed the back of his neck and sighed saying "I want to tell samsquatch how I feel but I don't know how, and if he likes me or not." I stared at him in disbelief here was an angel who could read minds telling me he didn't know if my brother liked him or not. "dude your a freaking angel cant you I don't know read his mind or something?" I said looking towards the boys. "I promised sam I would never do it again." I turned my head to look at him so quick that I felt my neck crack. "well you feathery pain in my ass, since you're both so oblivious to it yes he does like you. he took your death a lot harder than cas did." gabes eyes lit up with hope as I walked back to percy and sam both of which gave me questioning looks that I shrugged off. I smirked when I saw the jealousy in sams eyes. I heard percy whisper non to quietly "he has castiel remember I doubt he was hitting on your angel Sammy" I chuckled a bit and asked "so whats the plan?" sam and percy shared a glance with each other before they both sighed in unison. "we're gonna lure her to Montauk where we will all be waiting, you and sam as back up if I cant deal with her on my own, piper will be attempting to remove the spirit for sally." I took I step forward and saw sam place himself infront of perce. "dean listen, I know its....." "you know its what sam dumb? dangerous? suicidal? if percy can get her there and we do succeed whats to stop her from trying to take him from us again?" "because sally Jackson is wanted for the murder of her husband paul blofis" I turned around to see cas standing directly behind me. "damnit cas don't do that!"

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