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Nico pov
It took all my willpower not to slap him. He was gone for almost a month and a half and he asks about the camp....  Gods why am i in love with this moron. I took a breath and told him everything., from the search parties to capture the flag.  i watched his face as i told him.  And after finding out about sally i was very hesitant to mention she was looking for him. But he seemed guess my thoughts,  and sighed.  "let me guess shes looking for me?" i nodded at his words saying "she even talked about keeping you at home where you would be 'safe'...  But i highly doubt that now. " he groaned and laid down draping an arm over his eyes. "nico.....  I need to find my brothers. I cant do it alone..... Will you come with me?" my heart ached for him....  "of course kelp head.  We'll start looking in the morning" percy curled into a ball and looked at me for a second before closing his eyes. I stared at him for a long time before i registered the soft rhythmic breathing that indicated he had fallen asleep.  Smiling softly i curled up next to him on the tiny bed and closed my eyes.  I sighed as i thought that i was sure as hades happy i found him first.

Gabriel pov
Sam and dean made it back to the motel to the surprise of a century...  Not really though i mean come on it cant be that much a surprise that i was still alive right?  " hey deano samsquatch!" the boys barely looked at me. Sensing the melancholy mood i frowned "what happened?" sam ran a hand through his glorious hair before sighing, but it was dean who spoke.  "we lost our brother. " i raised an eyebrow but before i could speak sammy cut me off "not adam,  my twin brother percy.  " i nodded my head "hermes mentioned something about that....  Said the greeks were all in an uproar about him.....  I think i know where to find him too" two pairs of eyes snapped to me as i smirked.  "where? " cracking my neck i looked at both of them "where he started his life as a demi-god,  camp half-blood. "


Sorry for the short chapter guys

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