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Dean pov

You know when people scream your name to wake you up from three rooms away it usually means theres a problem. Not some miracle that means 'hey i found something youve been searching for, for like almost 25 years'. So when sam screamed my name his voice cracking in shock and fear i was up out of bed faster than cas traveling from here to china and back.  well not that fast but whatever grabbing my gun i literally ran out of my room and into the kitchen where sam and cas were. Sammy was obviously in shock and cas was pale and clearly confused.... Well more so than usual. "dammit sammy what the hell? " i asked putting down the gun before looking at cas. "what gives?" sam looked at cas and said "repeat what you said repeat it please" cas took a breath and looked between. Me and sam, "as i said to sam after scaring him with my appearance i told him that i..... I found your brother" those words hit me like a fucking truck. Sure we had adam,  but this was different. This was about percy. The other baby i carried out away from the fire that took mom. Sammy's twin brother who we had been looking for since the day he went missing. I looked at sam only to see tears in his eyes.  All those years, all those years of searching, crying, screaming, and picking fights with dad it was over.  It was finally over.  "w-where is he? " sammy asked choking up. "bobby's. As far as i can tell hes only been there for less than a month." cas said blandly. I looked at cas my eyes wide.  "what?!?" i yelled.


I smiled at the prospect of the winchesters reuniting. It took alot of effort on my end to even get the..... Council to agree to the choice of location for our hero.  I know my brothers wont particularly like what ive done once they discover what had happened.  But by then hopefully it will be too late.  And perseus orion winchester will finally live the life he was always meant to. I pray to whatever higher power that is more powerful then my egotistical drama king of a brother. And if they find that i had a hand to play......  Well i always wondered what tartarus was like this time of year..... My only wish was that percy would stop using my name to swear.

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