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New york. That was were the most activity was on angel radio according to cas. It was also where the boys had lost percy all those years ago. Sam was very weary of going anywhere near the state with percy, for fear that he would disappear again. Before sam could voice his opinion percy spoke up "i dont like it. Its too close to montauk." dean and sam looked at each other before looking at him. "how do you know about montauk?" dean asked percy hesitated before speaking " not sure....  I mean up until i was twelve i went there every year. And after that its.....  Its blank. " sam rested a hand on percys shoulder.  "we wont be going there. I promise." percy nodded looking over at bobby, as if asking permission to go with the boys.  Bobby shook his head and gestured to the boys with his hand. "they'll take care of you boy.  Dont do anything stupid, and keep your head on straight and youll do fine." percy grinned and nodded. Getting up he ran for the door after grabbing his dark blue and red plaid shouting "i call shotgun!! "

It was a long drive and percy had past out a while ago. Deciding it would be best dean pulled over into a motel for the night. After climbing out of the impala sam picked percy up and carried him inside their room. When dean walked in and raised an eyebrow.  "how did you get him in here without waking him??" he asked sam shook his head "he's too light for our age....  Its almost as if he was starved for a long,  long time. Dean im worried about him. " dean shook his head at sams words "with all the shit we've been through i wouldnt be surprised sammy.  I mean think about it who abducts a four year old boy from his family? And with him going to montauk every year till he was twelve the same exact place we lost him? Sam i think something far worse than a simple kidnapping happened. "

Percy woke from a nightmare panting and sweating. He clutched his heart and looked around at his surroundings. After a few minutes of frantic searching he saw sam and dean sleeping peacefully. As he watched his brothers he curled himself into a ball and rocked back and forth. Haunting black eyes and a sinister grin. A name.... A name kept repeating itself in his head over and over...... Tartarus...


I knew it was going to be dangerous for him.. After everything he's been through....  My brother should never have taken him...  Granted percy was his son....  But he never should have taken him away from john...   Ok never thought id say that one.  But to take him and give him to his lover....  Foolish

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