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Percy pov
We should have never gone on the walk.  Otherwise my brothers wouldnt look at me as if i had grown two heads.  But it wasnt my fault the ground opened up when i screamed and the vampires fell into the fissure. It wasnt my fault the water responded to me as if it were apart of me.  But it was for dean....  Dean who had always been there for us.  So when the vampires came out of nowhere and decided we were good enough for a snack i snapped. I threw sam behind me and i growled.  Stomping my foot the ground rumbled before splitting open just enough for under half of the group to fall through before it closed again. Those remaining looked from the crack the was now seeping black blood to me. Some growled and ran at me,  and me not thinking uncapped the pen that was in my pocket completely unaware of the looks on my brothers faces. After slicing the heads off of the first few i willed the water underneath us, aka the sewer water, and used it to grab them all slowly i kept adding pressure until they were packed tightly together and with one final stroke i decapitated them all. Letting the water drop i looked around me as if finally realised what i had just done. And i did it like it was nothing, like i had done this before.  I looked at sam and dean in fear dropping the sword.  The looks on their faces were enough to know. I shouldnt be able to do what i can do.  "percy." it was sam but i shook my head tears in my eyes.  I was scared, and i had just shocked my brothers.  Turning away from them i ran, the adrenaline fueling me. I could hear them behind me, which at the speed i was going should have been impossible. I wanted to keep going i really did,  I mean come on i was something my brothers hunted for a living. I looked to the right as i noticed the same man from before just without the aviator jacket beckoning me from the alleyway ahead of me. Swerving towards the right i heard dean curse and saw the man reach out his hand a desperate look on his face. "percy wait!" sam yelled i looked back at them before grabbing nicos hand.  Yeah his name was nico. The last thing i heard from my brothers was a strangled call of my name from dean and i instantly regretted my choice. But it was too late as i was sucked into the shadows. 

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