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i couldnt help but blush at hades smirk. it was as if he knew something that i didnt, well granted he is a god.  and it didnt help that i was standing slightly behind the younger demigod. 'Damn he has a nice ass' i thought as i looked "perseus." startled i looked up at hades my face burning brighter. "yes? " i asked trying to keep what little composure that i had.  "there is a way for you to be reunited with your brothers and avoid conflict with sally. " i stared up at hades in confusion my whole life has had conflict in it there would be no changing that.  "uncle there is no chance of reuniting with sam and dean without a conflict and you know that.  It needs to be done there is no other way. " i said i could feel the air stiffen around nico, and i noticed the sadness in hades' eyes. I knew he had come to the same conclusion, "very well but be safe both of you. " before i could ask uncle had raised his hand and just like that i felt the darkness circle around us and when i opened my eyes and blinked i realised we were standing in the middle of the dining pavilion during lunch. I was standing on jasons pasta.  And nico landed on leos pizza. No one moved and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. But before anything could be said the conch horn sounded and conner and travis ran into the camp from their patrol screaming about winchesters. Before anybody moved i was already off the table and running towards the border which had allowed dean and sam in when i saw them i quickened my pase and slammed into sam almost knocking him off his feet. I could feel sam trying not to cry and i felt dean wrap his arms around me and sammy.  "son of a bitch..  Dont you ever do that again. Or i swear ill skin you" dean muttered half-heartedly. I laughed and hugged dean before i heard someone clear their throat and i looked to see nico and jason smirking but everyone else had their weapons drawn and looks of confusion on their faces. Coughing awkwardly i untangled myself from my brothers and faced the campers. "guys these are my brothers sam and dean.  Sam,  dean,  these are my friends. " i said i looked back and forth between them and realised this was going to take a long,  long time to explain.

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