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Jason paced back and forth, trying to find some excuse he could use for the campers. He knew chiron would understand to a point but even then it was stretching it. "just tell them i wasnt here and you looked everywhere for me." nico said finally, rubbing his temples jason agreed. "but what about the others ive spent over a 1/2 hr in here with you." nico calmly placed a hand on percy and vanished into the shadows just as piper slammed open the door. "did you lose track of time again? " she asked raising an eyebrow "its clear hes not here,  its just another dead end. Come on grace chiron wants to talk to us all"


Doing that while sleeping is not fun. I woke up needing to throw up.  Which i did....  Again not fun.  I glared at nico who merely shrugged and turned away from me to take in our surroundings.  Which i should have done but i was still too preoccupied with throwing up last nights burgers.  I groaned, sam and dean must be worried some kinda fierce. I looked over at nico and noticed the slight blush on his face.  Before i could mention it my thoughts were interrupted by my surroundings. "nico why are we in the underworld?" he rubbed the back of his neck "it was the first place i thought of that was away from everything.  And i know dad will help since dad kinda maybe might have possibly have something to do with all this fun your going through.  I mean hes the reason i found you. " nico muttered electing once again to keep my mouth shut i got up and followed nico to the palace.


"eidolons are possessing spirits in the greek mythologies. Your dear brother has had to deal with them multiple times and has even been possessed by one himself. " Gabriel said as i looked at sam this was just getting more and more complicated as time went on. I walked over and sat on my bed and frowned further. "so what do we do? " i asked looking gabe in the eyes. I could see his hesitation i knew i wasnt the only one who wanted to know i could see sams curiosity out of the corner of my eye. "well there isnt much you can do with the spirit. Sally dosent even know its there and she wont until percy comes anywhere near her. Once that happens, because percy still has that bond with her it might just kill him cause he'll refuse to hurt her.  Normal exorcisms wont work. But charm speak does. " charm speak? " sam asked gabe ran a hand through his hair. "charm speak is an ability the goddess Aphrodite has that she has passed onto her children.  And because the gods dislike you both they wont help you though its not like they can...  Ancient laws and what not.  No your best bet is a child of hers, preferably a friend of Percy's. " i looked over at sam and shook my head "so over the river and through the woods to camp half blood we go? " i asked gabe laughed saying "literally"

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