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I woke up to pounding on the door, angry voices were trying to get my attention. "nico!  I swear to the gods if you dont wake up now! " the threat was left empty as the door was flung open casting light on me and percy who through all of this was still asleep.  Jasons face was in shock as he stared behind me at the mess of dark brown hair the was curled up and asleep.  I was thankful percy hadnt shifted giving away who he was.  Jason gestured for me to exit the cabin and i complied. Shutting the door quietly i looked at Jason "what do you want grace. " slightly irritated jason opened and closed his mouth before speaking "chiron said that there was a reported winchester sighting in the area and that no one was to leave the camp until theyre gone. " i sighed before pulling jason into the cabin and shutting the door. I looked him in the eye and said "what im about to tell you, you cant tell anyone.  I swear on the river styx what i say is true and that i am not lying. " jason nodded also swearing he would tell no one.  I sighed again before gesturing to the person in my bed "they arent going to leave until they find him. Hes their brother. " jason looked right at the person eyes widening as he realised who it was before looking at me. His eyes widened further as he saw i was not dying a horrid and painful death.  "yes thats percy.  But sally was never his mother.  He was taken from his family when he was four and given to her by poseidon who is percy father yes. But his twin brother is sam winchester. " i watched as jason tried to process everything.  it took all of three minutes for jason to wrap his head around the fact his friends life was turned upside down in the matter of a month and a half. "so you mean to tell me that the people we should be very very afraid of are his brothers and hes lived nothing but a lie? ......." jason was quiet for a moment more before saying "get him back to the safely. They might be looking for you too since you helped him escape. "


I looked at Gabriel in shock. He knew where percy was...  Or at least where he might be. I looked over at dean quickly, i was willing to take the chance but was he? "look you dont have to come with me. I have a feeling he might be coming back soon enough. " dean stared right at gabriel. I hadnt even thought of it, Gabriel was back.....  In front of me......  Well and dean....  But my brother was more important than that right now. "so what do we do wait here? " gabriel shook his head at deans words "my father no. You being in the same vicinity as not only the demigods but their goods is a horrible idea.  Zeus never did forgive you by the way. " i snorted and looked at gabriel noticing he had turned to me now.  "its good to see you again samsquatch" i couldnt help but smile slightly "ok enough of the flirting! What do we do about percy? " gabriel looked over at dean one more time and sighed "sally is looking for him, and there isnt much you can do about it....  She will find him. " the tone of gabes words bothered me.  "what is she? " gabriel frowned and looked at me.  "shes been possessed by an eidolon"

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