First "I love you"

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SHORT VERSION: You'd accidentally let it slip while saying bye to her. It caught you both off guard and it was an awkward moment. Sofia regained herself first and said it back with that charming smile of hers.

LONG VERSION: You were at one of Sofia's interviews for Descendants 2. She was doing it with Booboo so the three of you had been hanging out. Boo was getting touched up before the interview so you were with Sofia.

"I'm glad one of us isn't camera shy," you mumbled to yourself.

"You love cameras," Sofia pointed out while mindlessly playing with your hair.

"I love being behind them," you corrected.

She playfully rolled her eyes, kissing your hand. "I think you're beautiful on or off camera." (A/N: I can see Sofia being extremely cheesy)

"Sof," Booboo called. "We're on."

She reluctantly got up, laughing at your disapproving groan.

"I'll be right back," she said. "I'll still be in eyesight."

"I—" your phone began to ring.

You saw it was Kenny and you knew to answer immediately. You were instantly flustered and quickly said bye.

"U-uh bye Sof, I love you!" You said and froze when your brain caught up with your words.

You looked back at her and she had her eyebrows raised. You blushed when she smiled and said "I love you too Y/N/N."

"Y/N?" Kenny said on the phone. "Can you hear me?"

"Not really well sir, let me call you back," you hung up and rushed to Sofia. You hugged her tightly, kissing her much to everyone else's collective "awe."

"I love you Belle," you smiled.

"I love you too baby."

A/N: Does anyone else ever lowkey feel weird when you write someone else saying baby or something like that to you? Cause it sounds good in my head but then when I read it I'm like why.

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