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A/N: so this is taking place the morning after, I didn't want to change the title because I'm a lazy how so ye, love ya tho 😘🤗😋

The night Sofia had proposed was definitely the best of your life. Neither of you could be separated the next day either. Of course you both were in a bit of trouble but you could've cared less. You were too busy trying to drill into your head that you'd have to call her your fiancee now.

Honestly, you weren't expecting this day for a long time and you always thought you wouldnbe ge one to do it. Sofia was so career focused you figured marriage would be too much but now that she's at a steady point she felt confident. And it's been years since you first got together, you basically lived together, and you both knew each other better than you knew yourselves.

You had woken up that morning after Sofia and figured you'd talk to her about it since last was... not the time... (A/N: *wink wink*) So you made her breakfast in bed.

"Good morning," you whispered in her ear while kissing her cheek. "I made you breakfast."

Her gorgeous brown eyes fluttered open and she smiled at you. She sat up, not realizing that she wasn't clothed until your eyes drifted down. She blushed and pulled the covers over her chest and held them there. You quickly shook your head and apologized.

"It's funny how you're nervous about it because last night—" you began.

"Y/N!" She turned more red. "Shush!"

"Oh, sorry," you laughed and set the tray over her lap.

She thanked you for the food and you both began estingnkff the same plate the way you normally do. Honestly you two shared everything. You were convinced that she could read your mind as well because after about thirty seconds she asked what was on  your mind.

"Just thinking—"



"Be specific."

"Can I talk please?"

"Right, sorry."

"Thank you..." you rolled your eyes and took a breath. Suddenly you were nervous. "It's about us getting married."

"Do you not want to?"

"No! I do!" You said quickly. "It's just, you used to say there wasn't time for relationships in your career right? And then you met me and that changed and now I'm just worried. Like what if it doesn't work or something big happens."

"Y/N," Sofia took your hand. "When we broke up a few years back, I realized... I can't be without you. I don't care if we're miles apart because it always feels like you're there for me. That's why I love you. Why I want to commit myself to you."

You felt tears sting your eyes and you did your best to hold them back. Relief washed over you in waves when Sofia set the tray on the nightstand and pulled you to her.

You rested your head on her chest and closed your eyes while listening to her heartbeat. She traced her fingers up and down your spine, both of you enjoying the comfortable silence. A few minutes pasted and she asked if there was anything else.

"When's our big day?"

"We don't even know what we're doing," she laughed. "Or what kind of wedding we want."

"Actually I have a thought," you say up and looked at her. "I don't know if you'll like it though."

"Tell me first," she laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Okay so, I've always thought that it was cool to have a generic wedding but like could we maybe be all glammed up for the ceremony but right after everyone changes into actual comfy clothes before the party that would be after so we aren't dancing in tuxes and fancy dresses?"

"I suppose so," she said thoughtfully. "We'll talk it over, we only get one day to do this after all—"


"Shut up Y/N," she said as she got up and you nodded. "I'm going to shower." She left the room and you couldn't help but stare as she walked out of the room. She still hadn't got dressed...

You got those thoughts out of your mind and busied now flustered self to washing the dishes in the kitchen. You heard music from the bathroom so you figured she wouldn't hear you so you waited to ask her if anything was happening today. Turns out that came a lot sooner than planned. 

"Hey Bella," she said from the hallway. When you replied without looking over she cleared her throat expectedly.

You looked over and damn near cut your finger off with the knife you were washing at what you saw. Sofia was standing there... in a towel... her hair perfectly messy and wet... she still had droplets if water here and there... oh fuck me...

A beautiful smirk was plastered on her lips. "It's a little cold in the shower."

You were too distracted to cringe at how bad that line was. Your sarcastic side got the best of you, however as you replied: "Did you try the hot water?"

"Yes, but you being in there would help a lot too." With that she walked back to the bathroom and you instantly went after her.

A/N: so I had a proposal myself...... I'm debating on making the wedding be a smut or having a two part series where it'll just be during the wedding and the other will be the wedding night...... whatchu peeps think? Lemme know please!!❤️❤️

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