Asking Each Other Out

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 SHORT VERSION: You'd been debating it for a couple weeks before finally some of your and Sofia's  friends decided to set you and Sofia up so you'd both be forced to say or do something about it. It was most likely Dove's idea. She was dead set on you both getting together. Apparently everyone else was too.

LONG VERSION: You walked around the set, double checking everything before the scene was shot. Your mind was a bit occupied by a certain someone. Sofia hasn't been out of your head for days. Of course you wanted to make a move but you couldn't even tell if she was into girls. You suspected but didn't want to be shot down if she was.

"Y/N," Dove called, lightly jogging to you. "Sofia needs help with her costume she has a bit of an emergency."

"What happened?" You asked somewhat suspiciously because you both knew you weren't a tailor or anything.

"I don't know, she just said to find you," Dove quickly walked off to get ready to shoot her scene.

~What They Told Sofia~

"Sof c'mon hurry!" Cameron said while pulling on Sofia's arm. "Y/N said to hurry!"

Sofia looked at him confused. What could be so important that Y/N wouldn't come find me herself for? She felt slightly upset by this but was more worried that something was wrong.

Cameron led me to my trailer and the confusion rose. Why would she be in my trailer?

"Cam I—" Sofia was cut off by Cameron opening the door and quickly pushing  her in then slamming it closed.

"Sofia?" Y/N said, confusion and worry in her voice. "They said you had an emergency and that you were here."

"What?" Sofía raised a brow and shook her head. "I'm fine. They told me you had something important to tell me."

Y/N sat down, rubbing her eyes tiredly. She looked exhausted and looking back on everything she did all the time it was understandable. You rarely had a moment to yourself  during these past two months.

"Y/N are you okay?" Sofía asked, crouching in front of you and  placing her hand on your thigh. "You look exhausted."

You smiled to her reassuringly. You were tired but you'd never admit it. This was your big break to become a director. You knew it would all be worth it in the long run.

"I'm okay," you promised. "I just haven't beeen getting much sleep."


"A lot on my mind."

Sofia took a deep breath, frustrated with your simple answers. She knew better than to push it but she really wanted to make sure you were okay. She really cared about you. Then it hit her, this was a set up, wasn't it?

"Y/N," Sofia stood and went to the door. She looked out the small window to see Dove, Cameron,  and a few others waiting outside. "Did Dove happen to bring you here?"

"Yeah, why?" Y/N got up and looked out the window as well.

"She might legitimately be Maleficent's daughter," Sofia sighed with a smile. "She set us up."

Your cheeks grew bright red and Sofia looked at you, her hand somehow finding yours. You fought the urge to pull away in shock. Just what the fuck is happening, you thought.

"Y/N be honest," she turned you both to face each other. "Do you like me?"

"Well— I—" you struggled to find words. Your mind was screaming yes but the lump in your throat said otherwise.

Sofia laughed at your blush and nervous stuttering. She thought you were absolutely adorable. I wouldn't expect her to be the shy one, she thought.

"Y/N, I like you," Sofia said bluntly which made your jaw drop. You'd only fantasized about this happening and well... it was happening! You didn't know how long you were frozen with that most likely dumb look on your face, but it wasn't long enough to make Sofia laughed again.

You breathed in and spoke carefully. "I like you too." You breathed out exaggeratedly and looked at her embarrassed. You were still trying to get k we that the Sofia Carson likes you.

"Glad we got that taken care of,"  she led you out the trailer and cheers sounded. Sofia rolled her eyes at her best friends who gave thumbs ups and nods of approval. You stood awkwardly next to her, too lost I thought to really pay attention to anything but nonetheless you were beyond happy. Shook to your core but happy.

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