First Kiss Pt. 1

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A/N This will combine the last three imagines/preferences (whatever you want to call them) and it will lead to your first kiss so this might be a long one...

You were sitting with Kenny, the set was dead silent aside from the lines being said. We treated rehearsal just like the real thing.

You watched in awe of Sofia, you always were mesmerized by her. She really became one with her character and she played Evie so well to begin with.

"Y/N, do you want to call it?" Kenny whispered to you.

You nodded eagerly, already clearing your throat and waiting for the scene to finish. You stood yelled "Cut!"  and sat back down. Kenny clapped your back, telling you that was good but to be louder.

You looked at Sofia, smiling when you saw her talking with some of her people that did her costume and makeup. She noticed you looking and gave you a certain look you couldn't quite place while running her hands through her hair.

 She noticed you looking and gave you a certain look you couldn't quite place while running her hands through her hair

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You were going to get up and go talk to her but someone caught your shoulder and you gasped and whipped around. You breathed out when you saw that it was a memever if the set crew. You couldn't quite place his name but you knew the face.

"Uh, hey," you said awkwardly.

"Hey, Y/N," the boy smiled, he had a great smile.

"You don't remember my name do you?" He said nonchalantly. "It's Jasper."

"Ah, I knew it started with a 'J'" you said smoothly. "What's up?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out later?" He asked. "Me and some friends are going out so."

You thought for a minute, it had been awhile since you'd gone out and there ere only a few more scenes left to shoot then you wouldn't see these guys again. They were pretty cool too. You happily agreed and he was delighted.

"That's awesome!" He said and hugged you, lifting and spinning you around. "We've all been dying to hang out with you!"

You thought it was a bit too forward but shrugged it off. You hadn't thought about Sofia who was watching the whole transaction with Dove.

"What do you think they're talking about?" Sofía asked with her arms crossed. She relaxed slightly when you were set down. 

"I don't know, don't assume the worst," Dove said and Sofia nodded. "Let's go talk to her."

Sofia didn't need much encouragement, she was already walking towards you. She came up, slipping her arm around your shoulders and leaning her head against yours. You smiled and happily pulled her closer. You noticed her slightly more dominant stature and that perked your interest but you knew better than to ask her about it.

"Hey Mi Bella," she said, with an interesting tone. "What's going on?"

"This is Jasper, he was inviting me to hang out later," you say casually, suddenly realizing your mistake. Sofia was jealous.

"Oh?" Dove said quickly before Sofia could talk. "Like friends right?"

"Ye—" you began, But Jasper cut you off.

"I mean yeah sure, but if it was a date so what?" Jasper said defensively.

Either this guy was just a dick or he was extremely idiotic. Either way Sofia was pissed by his response.

"I think we should go—" you tried fo speak again but Sofia interrupted. She never does that...

"No, he needs to not be a jerk," Sofia said, stepping up to the boy. "What's your problem?"

"I have a problem with how controlling you're being," Jasper crossed his arms.

You rolled your eyes as they continued back and forth. Dove rested her arm on your shoulder and you sighed. This guy was really pushing her buttons. Normally Sof isn't bothered by people like this.

"Hey, hey, hey," Boo walked over with Cameron. "Both of you calm down."

"Fine, I'll see you tonight Y/N," Jasper said and walked off before you could do or say anything.

"Why do you attract the dumb ones," Sofia mumbled, thinkingyou couldn't hear but you did. You went wide eyed and looked at her.

She was normally an angel. You never fought, always agreed or came to an agreement. You never insulted each other and never made rude comments like that about each other.

"Jasper!" You called out, he stopped and turned. "Wait up!" You didn't even look at Sofia as you jogged to him.

"Y/N—" she called but you payed no attention.

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