You Realize You Like Her (& Vice Versa)

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(YOU) SHORT VERSION: After the first week on set, you'd gotten rather close to her. During "boot camp" you helped her a lot with the choreography and you two had a "special moment" while dancing.

(SOFIA) SHORT VERSION: She noticed once you started picking up on some of her habits. Like how she'd always go to bed early, what she'd order or prefer. Even how you could read her body language so well. She was amazed by how perceptive you were and how you always had her covered with anything she could need. She realized how much you cared to do and learn all these things.

(YOU) LONG VERSION: You and Sofia were off to the side, working on the steps to "Set It Off" and she'd asked you to fill in for Doug since Zach needed to work on the "Be Our Guest" choreo. Of course you agreed.

You counted off and smiled approvingly as she hit each beat and move perfectly. When the part for Doug to join you filled it perfectly as well. The real magic happened when you both touched.

As dramatic as it is you felt the spark from the contact. Sofia seemed lost in the music and dance to notice but when you suddenly forgot the moves she noticed.

"Are you alright?" She asked, not even out of breath.

"I— Uh—" you ran a hand through your hair nervously trying to think of an excuse. "Sorry, I just blanked out."

She giggled and looked over at Dove who was whispering to Cameron and giggling at you both. Dove made a heart but Sofia didn't quite catch what she meant and made one back to her. You blushed furiously and glared at Do e who smiled and went back to dancing.

"Okay, ready to try it again?" Sofía asked. "Without blanking our on me?"

The smile she gave you was breath taking and you swore you're knees buckled. Nevertheless you nodded and continued to help her practice. You knew the butterflies weren't just from being embarrassed. You really liked this girl.

(SOFIA) LONG VERSION: She sat in the makeup trailer, getting all dressed up to shoot some of the first scenes for real. She allowed her mind to wander until she was pulled back to reality but you walking in with Starbucks as per usual.

She thanked you as she took her tea, it'd become second nature. She smiled when she thought back to when you used to be nervous when you handed her a drink. Now you know what to get like the back of your hand.

"Awe," Dove smiles teasingly. "She knows you're favorite drink now. She must really like you because I still have to give her my order and it's always the same!"

I blushed and stuttered. Dove may be right but even if she is it can't be that kind of like right? You noticed how uncomfortable Sofia was and quickly spoke up, taking her by surprise.

"I've just realized that she gets unbearably hyper if she gets caffeine," you say smoothly. Sofia looked at  you greatfully and you sent her a wink. She blushed and nervously looked away.

Dove smiled proudly to herself before humming and drinking her coffee.

That little—

"Don't worry," you smiled warmly at her. "I do like you more anyway."

Sofia's mouth opened slightly in shook as you walked away. When you were gone she quickly asked ask Dove what she thought.

"Sof, it's extremely obvious," Dove patter my arm. "And don't try to deny that you like her too"

She sank into her hair and dipped her tea. Okay, she thought. I give in. I like her too...

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