Wedding Night

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A/N: this is the second part to wedding day

Sofia walked into your bedroom in an oversized t-shirt and sleep shorts with a towel around her shoulders. She sat on the edge of your bed and smiled when you looked up from your phone. You scooted over to her and sat behind her, kissing her shoulder as you pulled the towel from her and began drying her hair.

"You're sweet," Sofia laughed quietly and you smiled. "How are you doing by the way? You haven't said much since this afternoon."

"Well, a lot happened," you sighed and gently kneaded her scalp. "I'll get over it eventually, I just hate how they ruined our special day is all."

"I don't think it's ruined," Sofia said and turned to look at you. "I'm finally married to the best girl ever."

"I am too, but it could've gone a lot smoother."

"When is anything ever smooth for us?" She laughed and then took your hand , her voice still gentle but serious. "Y/N/N, I really am happy and I love you so much. Nothing could ruin our wedding except maybe if you'd said no or something like that."

"No one can say no to you," you smiled and brought her hand to your lips.

You kissed it sweetly and let your lips linger on her knuckles. You thought back to a lot of instances where you were in the same scenario as you were right now. You really did love this girl with all your heart and we're so happy to be with her. You still felt some sort of guilt for your oarents' ridiculous actions. It wasn't your fault but still, they were your parents.

You wanted them to be so happy and accepting like Sofia's were. You wanted yours to be grandparents one day, that probably would never happen now. Even if they did somehow decide to apologize you wouldn't be able to forgive them. How could  you in the first place?

"Baby?" Sofia said, snapping you out of your thoughts. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm okay I promise."

She knew you were lying. You could never keep anything from her. Nevertheless she didn't press on and changed the subject.

"So Y/N," she saI'd as you both moved under the covers. "What're we gonna do now? Honeymoon?"

"I don't think that's a good idea," you giggled and reminded her about her upcoming tour and your next big job.

"I forgot," she sighed. "How do people even find time to honeymoon?"

"They aren't famous? They don't have a time demanding job?"

"Probably," she looked over st the clock on the nightstand and turned back to you. "It's late."

"Even on our wedding night you still hold your sleeping schedule huh?" You laughed and let her wrap her arms around you and pull you to her.

"Oh shut up," she yawned and turned the lamp off before closing her eyes.

You laid there quietly, listening to her heartbeat through her chest. It eventually slowed and the best lulled you to sleep and the scent of her shampoo and conditioner washed over you. You felt the comforting heaviness of your eyelids close and your mind started to go blank.

You mumbled a goodnight and fell into sleep's embrace, enjoying the warmth that came from your newly wed wife's body that you fit so perfectly with.

A/N: I wanted to make a more chill chapter since he last one was kinda crazy

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