When Sofia Performs...

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When Sofia goes onstage to perform she has to have a kiss. She says it's for good luck and when you point out that she's been doing this for forever she disregards the statement.

Usually she's pretty pumped to go out on stage but she'll have her moments where she doesn't feel so hot. So if she's upset you always make sure to give her a small pep talk before hand. If she's mad then you give her a talk about letting it go while she's on stage.

If she's jealous...Well, you're in for a treat.

"Sof, babe, it was just a compliment—"

"I've got to go Y/N," she sighed and flipped her hair at you while grabbing her mic.

You were both at the Family Day event and she was about to go on when she'd overheard you calling your best friend hot. You'd only said it because they wanted to go over and talk some cute person and you were trying to help out.

"What about your good luck kiss?" You whined, hoping it'd help with your apology.

"Hm," she paused and turned to you. Her hand caught your jaw and she moved in quickly, pausing just before your lips fully connected. "I think I'll be fine this time." She added when she let go and pulled back.

You stood there shocked as a chill ran up your spine when she smirked. You turned bright red and watched as she walked on stage as the music started playing. Her first track was "A Girl Like That" and you knew you screwed. Why this song of all songs, you thought.

You both knew quite well that this song had a lot of hip/waist movements and well... of course you stared and she knew fully that you did. Occasionally she would shot you a smirk and a almost seductive look.

"You really screwed yourself huh?" Your best friend said.

"Ohhhhh yeah," you fidgeted slightly uncomfortable for a certain reason. (Gotta keep dis PG)

You sighed happily when the song ended then realized that it was only the first  song.

"Kill me please," You whined.

"I'm sure Sofia would love too," your best friend smirked and you hit their shoulder.

"Shut up!" You blushed and crossed your arms.

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