Make Up

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It's been a month since you and Sofia had broken up. It was probably one of the lowest points in your life. You had to constantly keep yourself busy by working and Sofia was constantly going out to party. You two hadn't talked much and fans had noticed.

Sofia never wanted to go public, so you never did. You both posted your occasional picture together but nothing really gave away you two dating. Fans shipped you nonetheless. They began spamming your and Sofia's Twitter and sooo Paulina's and some of the Descendants cast.

The drama and uproar ended up making a clever news episode along with a couple others. Sofia was even asked about it in an interview which she requested that part be cut out. She'd say it was no one else's business what goes on in her private life.

"Y/N," someone tapped my shoulder. "Incoming."

You were sitting with your best friend who'd spotted Sofia and Dove coming this way. They were both were supposed to be getting glammed up to shoot scenes and they must have decided they wanted something to eat beforehand. Just great, you thought.

"Sofia you two need to talk," Dove said as they paste you. "You two are best friends, not just a couple."

"I can't Chlo, she doesn't want anything to do with me."

"Didn't you walk away from her?" Dove grabbed Sofia's  shoulder and looked her in the eye. "You know you need to."

Sofia knew exactly what she needed to do. She needed to talk to you. To fix things. She just didn't know how. She'd stay up late at night thinking about what she could say to you if she got the chance. When it came time to say it she just couldn't.

Dove left Sofia and watched as her best friend made her approach to Y/N. Sofia's plans were calming and the butterflies erupted in her stomach with each step. She tried to think of what to do or say but soon she found herself infront of you.

"Sofia," you said quietly and solemnly.

"I gotta go Y/N, see you," you're best friend left you two alone and you silently cursed them.

"Can I sit?" Sofia asked, gesturing to the chair across the table from you. You gave a nod and she sat, taking a deep breath.

 You gave a nod and she sat, taking a deep breath

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"Everything is wrong," Sofia said. "I want to fix it. I need too." You waited patiently for her to continue. "Y/N I love you and I know I've done everything wrong since that night. I can't ask you to forgive me and I won't. But you're still my best friend right?"

"I don't know Sof," you admitted with a sigh, rubbing your tired eyes.

"Y/N/N," she reaches over and grabbed your hand. "Are you okay? You seem exhausted."

"I have to distract myself somehow. I've been working a lot and yet my mind is still clouded with you. I want everything to be fixed too but it doesn't work like that. Or at least it hasn't."

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