How She Makes Up To You

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A/N: This is Make Up pt. 2!!!!

Things definitely hadn't gone back to normal for either of you. You were more reserved with Sofia and couldn't help it. How could you ever go back to being as close as you were? It didn't seem possible. You still weren't entirely sure you even wanted it.

You still loved Sofia dearly of course, but you knew you couldn't jump back into things. Sofia knew that too, she knew she'd drawn a line that she was now desperate to cross. She missed you. Not as in she just wanted be around you, she missed your former intamicy. She felt guilty when she went to fast and too far, you did too. Only because you knew you wanted it but you knew it would hurt you if something else happened.

Sofia's management ended up choosing to make her work more. They scheduled more studio time, more interviews, more traveling, more auditions, anything they could do to keep you apart. You were amazed by how much they could make her do. How little control she really had, even though she loved what she was doing it weighed down on her that all the while you were alone.

"I'll be back," she mumbled in your ear while hugging you tightly. "I love you."

"I love you too," you replied and watched her walk through the airport's security.

I hate this, you thought. It's awful. I want her so badly but something keeps telling me no.

Sofia ended up doing an interview that night wherever she flew to. She'd been so many places you'd lost track. So far no one had questions about your relationship, even though you both hadn't been posting about each other in a while. Part of you was thankful but the other part was curious.

"So Sofia," the interviewer asked. "How are you and Y/N?"

"Great, we're good," Sofia said with a smile.

"Speak for yourself..." you mumble but continue watching the interview.

"Oh? All your fans are saying that you two broke up."

"We've just been off social media."

"But you two have been posting constantl, jsut not abot each other."

Damn it, Sofia thought. Why's he so persistent? I can't get out of this... Management didn't say I couldn't say anything... I shouldn't, Y/N wouldn't want that...

"Did you two take a break?" The interviewer asked.

"Yes, I didn't something stupid and I'll fully admit to that," Sofia said. "The details aren't for anyone else to be aware of aside from Y/N and I. So please, no more questions about it."

Your jaw dropped, this was a love interview, there was no cutting things out. There was no hiding the serious and annoyed look on her face. A side most people don't see unless she's acting. She definitely wasn't acting now.

You did find it a bit hot but more importantly you're heart was jumping rope. She'd admitted she made a mistake but to announce something like that to the public is a whole other level.

You watched until the interview was over and called her immediately.

"Y/N?" Sofia answered. "Is something wrong?"

"I saw it, why'd you do it? What's your management going to do? I thought we didn't want to talk about it? Let people know?" You were talking so quickly that you were out of breath.

"Baby, it'll be okay," she said simply.


"My manager never told me that I couldn't say anything about it. It's my interview."

"I love you. Come home."



You could practically hear her smiling and talking to her mom. They both sounded happy and when she turned her focus back to you she asked if you would pick them up from the airport tomorrow morning and of course you agreed.

That morning you both rushed to each other as soon as you saw one another. She leapt into your arms and you wet caught off guard and fell. She clung to you and you held her just as tight.

You both whispered "I love you" over and over again, both of you tearing up and peppering each other with kisses. Her mom let you two have your moment before rushing you out so fans wouldn't swarm you.

"Wait so—" Sofia began while you were in the car.

"We're good," you smiled. "We're definitely good."

A/N: something kinda short, I wasn't planning on a part 2 but someone asked and I didn't wanna let em down ❤️ Hope you enjoyed it 

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