When Sofia Gets A Role

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When Sofia gets a role you both go crazy. A good crazy of course. You're both absolutely pumped. Especially when you both found out she would star in Descendants 3 and get to be Evie again. You were even offered to work with/for Kenny as his assistant. So it was a great day all together.

"Y/N can you actually believe it?" Sofía was smiling so big. "There's another movie!"

"I know, I know!" You laughed and hugged her. "I get to work with Kenny again too!"

She kissed your cheeks and you blushed slightly. You still couldn't get over her affection. She always made you all warm and bubbly. She didn't notice this and kissed you sweetly before picking up her phone and walking over to the window where sunlight was pouring in.

"What're you doing?" You asked curiously.

"I gotta let people know," she replied and recorded herself making the announcement.

You rolled your eyes and walked over. She looked at you with the camera still on her.

"Do you think they're ready?"

"No I don't," you said with a smile.

You both played this for a few more seconds u til finally she said that the third movie was happening. You both cheered and she stopped recording. She posted the video and when she looked back at you she blushed. 

"What?" She asked.

You'd been admiring her in a daze so when she called you out on it you quickly tried to think of something to say. She still makes you all nervous and how long have you been together? Geez...

"I was just looking at you?" You asked more than stated.

"I'll just take it as s compliment, gracias mi amor," she winked and you smiled back.

A/N: I don't know how I feel about this one honestly

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