First Kiss Pt. 2

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You hadn't talked to Sofia since that whole situation with Jasper happened. You knew going with him was wrong but you had to make a point to her. You could hang out with whoever you wanted. Normally you would just want to be with Sof but this was more of a statement. Plus, Jasper and the other crew memebers were great. They were funny and kept you're mind off of Sofia.

"I'm sorry if I messed things up for you two," Jasper said over the loud music of the club. "You should know that I'm gay though."

You'd had a few drinks, but nothing strong. You weren't much of a fan of alcohol. But that statement made you lose it as if you were drunk.

"You're kidding me!" You said after you caught your breath.

He was laughing too but he was a little drunk. He confirmed and his boyfriend showed up and you gushed over them. Then you thought about Sofia and sadness came over you. You cursed yourself and face palmed. You shouldn't have been so petty.

"Hey, your girl's here," Jasper tipped his head to the door.

You looked over and your jaw dropped. Dove walked in with Sofia behind her, both in very flattering dresses. Sofia flipped her hair when he saw you, a determined look on her face.

 Sofia flipped her hair when he saw you, a determined look on her face

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"Whoa..." you said and she walked up to you. "You look amazing."

"Thanks," she smiled and leaned over to kiss your cheek. "Jasper."

"Hey," He hiccuped, causing his boyfriend to laugh.

"I think I need to get him home," he said.

"It was nice meeting you," you told him and hugged Jasper bye.

When they were gone Dove sat next to you and ordered something light. "So what's the deal?"

"Hella gay," you replied and looked shyly at Sofia. "I just found out before you two came in."

"Well," Sofia was suddenly embarrassed. "He should've said soemthing sooner."

"Someone's hella jealous," Dove smirked and sipped her drink. You scoffed and Sofia hit your arm with her hang bag. "Well now that there's no one to show up or anything can we get out of here?"

~Next Day~

"Good morning Belle," you smiled as Sofia walked out of her trailer for one of the last times dressed as Evie.

"Good morning mi amor," she hugged you and pecked your temple. "I can't believe it's almost over."

"Hopefully there will be a second movie," you smiled and turned to walk to the set but she caught your hand and pulled you back into her.

"I need to tell you something," she sighed and cupped your cheeks.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes," she nodded quickly. "I just want to apologize because I did blow a lot of things out of proportion."

"It's okay, honest mistake. It's kver and we're fine."

"Y/N, it's been a couple months since we got together," she was slowly leaning in. You froze in place, knowing what was coming. "I've wanted to—"

You couldn't take it and crashed your lips into hers. It was messy, but sweet and worth it. You didn't mind that your teeth lightly knocked together or that her lipstick was most likely messed up now.

"Y/N!" She scolded, pulling back and wiping around her lips trying to fix her lipstick.

"S-sorry! I'm impatient!" You couldn't help but laugh and helped her out.

"You're a handful," she rolled her eyes and hugged you tightly.

"Where's my Evie?" Kenny called and Sofia called back.

"Go, go, go!" You said and you both jogged to the set blushing under the looks from Kenny and the other stars.

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