When Sofia Gets Distracted By You

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Dove and Sofia were doing an interview where they interview each other and you were behind the camera with some of the workers. You hadn't noticed Sofia occasionally glancing at you with being too busy answering calls or texts and having to move to the back of the room.

"Sofia— Is she listening?" Dove asked with joking annoyance.

You walked back over to see Sofia looking st you with her usual gorgeous smile and Dove caught your eye. You raised a brow and tipped your head to Dove, who was giggling. Sofia was still staring and smiling, not getting your hint.

Dove reached over and snapped her fingers in front of Sofia's face, making her jump slightly. You laughed quietly with some others and Dove broke out into laughter.

"S-sorry!" Sofia said and cleared her throat, looking slightly confused

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"S-sorry!" Sofia said and cleared her throat, looking slightly confused. "What was the question?"

"Well I see that you were a little distracted? Care to tell us why?" Dove teased and Sofia blushed.

"We aren't live right?" Sofía asked quickly and everyone burst into laughter.

You shooke your head and Sofia sighed thankfully and hit Dove with the script card. Dove regained herself and they went back to the interview.

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