How You Comfort One Another

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SOFIA: There really isn't much she doesn't do. She will personally make time for you, show up and surprise you if she's away. She loves making you forget about your problems or help you through them. Her favorite thing to do isn't for both of you to get in her car, roll the windows down and turn the music up loud. She loves watching you get lost in the music whether you simply hum along or scream at the top of your lungs. She believes music can instantly fix everything that's wrong and with her it does.

YOU: You've never cheered he up the same way twice. Sofia is one to love surprises and you take full advantage of that. Since you have connections you usually make surprise appearances when she's on travel and she never expects it. You'll show up with a treat or a cute date planned. You try to be as original as possible with everything you do for her. You want to make sure she can honestly give someone a thousand different reasons she loves you.

Sofia would never tell you but she loves just being in you're presence. If she's in an interview or performing and gets nervous, she quickly finds behind the camera or in the crowd/backstage and she's okay. If she is told some terrible news she only wants to go to yoo. She truly thinks you are the sunshine in her life and she treats you as such. When you're not happy she's not either. So you always put on a smile for her, even when she knows you want to cry underneath.

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