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"Ugh.. faster Chanyeol" Byun Baekhyun moaned while fingering his asshole in front of the camera.

Baekhyun who is a successful porn star at the age of 26 is now stroking his dick up and down the camera not embarrassed of being seen. He was close to coming and his moans where becoming louder every second. Without further udo he came on the bed sheets causing white strings of his cum land on his abdomen and chest.

"OKAY CUT!" The camera man shouted

The recording ended once he came and changed his black lingerie to his discarded clothes on the floor. Baekhyun was exhausted and laid down on the couch after changing his clothes. He grabbed his phone from the from the table beside the coach and started scrolling down on his instagram account. He stalked his one and only idol Park Chanyeol's instagram to see if he posted anything new while he was recording but to dismay there wasn't.

"Byun Baekhyun!' The director called

Baekhyun stood up groggily and slowly started walking towards the director. The director handed out an envelope and Baekhyun quickly counted the money inside.
"Is that enough?" The director asked. Baekhyun slowly looked at him and said "Yeah sure sure.. " He rolled his eyes before asking

" When's the next shoot?"

"Next week, Friday" the director replied

Baekhyun inserted the envelope and his cellphone inside his pocket, then grabbed his coat from the rack and started headed towards the exit door.

"Are you sure you still dont want any partner at the next shoot?" the director continued

"No thanks, not for now"

"But it's been almost two years!" The director exclaimed

"Yeah, lately I dont want any stinky and small dick up my ass" Baekhyun scoffed

"What, you think you got a chance with that kpop star?"

That made Baekhyun stop from walking and he hastily replied back

"No..." Baekhyun mumbled , his head facing down.

"Well good, because I'm sure that Park Chanyeol doesn't want a used assho-"

Before the director could even finish his sentence Baekhyun walked towards the exit and slammed the door at his face. Baekhyun fuming with anger and hate for the fat and ugly director. Baekhyun angrily walked down the hallway and went directly to the elevator and pressed the down button. Impatiently waiting for the elevator to go down, he expected to be alone in the elevator. But to his dismay there was a tall man with a coat that surprised him once the doors open.

It was a tall tan male which seems to be crying that revealed upon Baekhyun.

Baekhyun not knowing if he should either go in or not looked at the man curiously. He waited for the doors to close but he decided that it will take more time if he just let the elavator pass so just before the doors close with tiny foot steps he went inside. Baekhyun asked the tan man "Are you going down?" not wanting to hurt the sensitive male in front of him he said it very softly. The tan man didn't even look at him and just softly nodded. Baekhyun looked at the floor number which was floor 30. He knew he would be with the tan male a while longer, so he decided to ask if he was alright.

"You don't seem to be alright?" Baekhyun asked.

The tan male suprise with the sudden question, lifted his head up and to Baekhyun's surprise it was none other than Kim Jongin. The one and only Kim Jongin.

But before Baekhyun could get a minute to react Jongin beat him and replied back to his question with a "Yeah, I had a rough day"

Suprised with the sudden answer Baekhyun was brought back to reality that the Gucci ambassador, Kim Jongin was just right beside him. Byun Baekhyun thought a way for their conversation not to end, so just like his crush Park Chanyeol he decided that it's now or never, and continued their awkward talk.

"Why is that?" he suprised Jongin with his sudden question.

Jongin just looked at him weirdly, thinking that he went too far with the question.

"I mean if you want to tell me that is" Baekhyun continues, after noticing the immediate irritation in Jongin's expression.

"Well, umm..." Jongin answers with a tad bit hesitation

"My life long crush is unfortunately straight" just after finishing his sentence Baekhyun jolted

"You're gay!?" he shouted in joy

"Why, do you have a problem with that?" Jongin annoyingly replied while glaring badly at the man beside him

"No, no, no, not at all" Baekhyun announced with his hands raising in defeat.

"I'm also quiet gay..." Baekhyun whispered quietly, not caring if the tan man heard him

"Oh really!?" Jongin said in disbelief. Turning his head towards the smaller man beside him, just after looking at the said man he noticed that he looks quite familiar, like he's seen him somewhere.

"Wait, you look quite familiar. Like I've seen you somewhe-" he pointed at Baekhyun, but before Jongin could even finish his statement the doors started to open and Baekhyun hurriedly went outside.

"Wait!" Jongin grabbed his arm, stopping him from escaping.

"Do you wanna grab a coffee?"Jongin asked.


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