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real__pcy just followed you!

On a Saturday night , Byun Baekhyun was woken up in his sleep when a specific notification was sent to him. He turned off all his alarms but when he heard a notification that wasn't his alarm he looked at it, took him about a minute processing it and

"Fucking hell, no way!"

Since he didn't have his glasses on and his eyes were still focusing on his phone, it took a while before it processed in his mind . He opened the app and there it was, he was now the 248th person he followed.

"Okay, Baekhyun relax..."

Baekhyun took three deep breath, before screaming out loud.

"Park Chanyeol, followed me, you losers!!!"

Baekhyun stood up on his bed and did a little dance before jumping up and down but soon stopped when he jumped too high and hit the roof. Baekhyun laid down on his bed giggling like a little child.

"I love you Park Chanyeol" he whispered before kissing his profile.

When his lips touched the screen, he accidentally unfollowed Chanyeol. It took a second before he noticed he accidentally did it and his smile then turned into an exaggerated gasp.

"Fuck! Now, I'm not his 614th follower"

After following real__pcy once again, Baekhyun stood up and started preparing for work. It's 7:30pm, and works starts in 30 minutes. He took out a t-shirt from privè given to him by Taehyung on his birthday last year and some sweat pants, he didn't need to dress up fancy because soon it'll be discarded on the floor.

He also remembered going to the convenience store after work, since Taehyung was working there as his second part time. Thinking what he should buy, like strawberry juice, or yogurt or maybe a bucket of ice cream.

He then opened his bluetooth speaker and started playing "We Young" by Chanyeol and Sehun. He discarded his clothes on the floor and headed towards the bathroom. He opened the shower and waited for it to become hot before letting his mind wander off to a specific person, named Park Chanyeol.

He still couldn't believe he met Chanyeol yesterday and even invited him to his rest house. He could still remember how Chanyeol would call out 'Baekhyun' and Baekhyun tries his best not to be hard every time he calls him by his name. The whole time Baekhyun was there his face was red as a tomato and became a little flirty with Chanyeol.

He remembered when Chanyeol gave him a mug of hot coffee, and their hands sweep each other, or when Chanyeol would chuckle at his jokes, that sexy laugh imprinted in Baekhyun's mind, and most especially when they were at balcony and their shoulders were touching each other as they talked about anything they could think of.

Baekhyun slowly touched the tip of his dick, rubbing it slowly letting pre cum come out. Until, he started to touch himself hard as he imagines Chanyeol. His hot body, sexy laugh, good looks and perfect attitude. He wants him inside of him so badly, wrecking his asshole and making him cry in pleasure and joy.

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