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"Jongin, where are you? You said it was your turn to host our sleep over" Kyungsoo asked over the phone, annoyed after waiting for a long amount of time just for Jongin to arrive.

Kyungsoo tried messaging and calling Jongin a few days ago but it seems that he was phone was either busy or out of coverage. He thought that Jongin was ignoring him ever since he got a girlfriend so he decided to visit him in his apartment. He stood outside the door, knocking vigorously thinking Jongin might be sleeping but it turns out he was outside. So, he just stood outside the door there waiting for him, nervous on what the reason was for neglecting him.

It wasn't soon after Jongin answered his call after calling for the nth time, it was the last five minutes of Kyungsoo waiting for him. When Jongin arrived he was almost out of breath, it was like he was hurrying for him. That warmed Kyungsoo's heart, but it wasn't enough to be upset for ignoring him for days.

"I- I'm sorry, I didn't know you were coming" Jongin stuttered, still catching his breath, after running. He looked at Kyungsoo, obvious that he was upset at him.

He then opened the door, letting Kyungsoo in first. Kyungsoo put his bag on the table and sat down on the couch, waiting for Jongin to sit down. They were completely surrounded with silence, and Jongin was not used to it at all. Usually they would just joke around, laughing at anything as the movie played in front of them or as they were eating snacks that Kyungsoo bought. But now, they could hear the ticking of the clock and the sound of the ac turned on by Jongin.

Jongin just stared at Kyungsoo waiting for him to talk but after awhile Jongin decided to break the ice.

"I'm sorry I forgot it was my turn to host the sleepov-"

Before he could even finish his sentence Kyungsoo sighed and his upset face was soon replaced with sad eyes and a frown.

"Did you really think I came just for that"

That puzzled Jongin, not sure how we was gonna react and answer.

"Jongin, why are you ignoring me?"

Jongin awkwardly shuffled against his seat, it was obvious he didn't want to answer him.

"I- I wasn't, I was just busy"

Kyungsoo's eyes twitch at his reply, not believing his excuse.

"Liar, you ignored me because I have a girlfriend now didn't you?"

It was now Jongin's time to sigh, it was obvious that that was the reason yet he still needed to ask him about it.

"Look Jongin, I know you're ignoring me because I didn't tell you before hand, and that I should've considered your opinion before having one"

"It's not like tha-"

Again Kyungsoo cut him short and started letting his dismay at Jongin.

"You're my best friend yet I didn't tell you, but every time I talked about girls with you it always seemed that you weren't interested at it or you start getting upset at me. That's why I didn't tell you, but that Dispatch released photos of us all of a sudden-"

"I said it wasn't like that!" Jongin shouted at Kyungsoo, upset he was making reasons up on why he was ignoring him. Kyungsoo surprised with his sudden rage, the calm and funny Jongin he knew suddenly disappeared and it was the first time he saw Jongin like this.

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