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It was a cold winter night, as streets were filled with lamps that would illuminate the icy and silent roads, and a silent breeze could be softly heard. Only a few people were outside, and one of those were two men sitting next to each other for warmth just outside the cafe. They sat down at the benches near the park and were conversing on something funny before a topic was dropped by Minseok that changed the whole mood immediately.

"You're going to military in five months!" Jongdae exclaimed.

Shock was an understatement, with what Jongdae was feeling right now. Just earlier they were talking about Minseok's new apartment and how delighted he was finally having his own apartment. But now, the mood suddenly dropped and became serious than what Jongdae expected. He didn't mean to shout, but being the usual Jongdae he didn't notice that his voice was being louder than usual.

"I'm sorry" he continued, with teary eyes.

As soon as Jongdae saw Minseok frown because of him, he immediately held his hand tightly and looked at him straight in the eye.

"It's not your fault, it's just that..."

Jongdae didn't want to admit it but he felt absolutely down. He fell hard after seeing Minseok at the cafe and he felt a spark, immediately as soon as their eyes met. It was corny, but Jongdae just wanted to experience love after 27 years of his life being single. He was frightened that Minseok would forget him as soon as he entered the military.

"Just what?" Minseok asked, worry evident in his face.

"It's just that..."

Jongdae mumbled, looking at Minseok with passion and love before setting his eyes on his lips that he was craving for all day.

"Nothing, it's just that I would miss you a lot"

Minseok just giggled at his answer and unconsciously bit his lips softly.

"I'll miss you too, even if we just knew each other for a week or so..."

Though Jongdae wasn't focusing on his reply and instead was focused on his lips. ''Just a peck' Jongdae thought, as he slowly leaned in and the gap between them got smaller and smaller.

"Jongdae, are you alright?"

Cutting his thoughts, Jongdae immediately stopped before he could even feel them and returned to his position earlier.

'Too soon man' So he looked up at Minseok's eyes and ignored his thoughts of kissing his soft, plump lips.

Minseok then softly tapped on Jongdae's shoulder to get his attention and whispered softly

"You know what, we should go to my apartment. It's getting cold in here, and i'm afraid we might catch a cold"

Without a second thought, Jongdae stood up and reached his hand slowly at Minseok, too shy to look at him. Minseok took them slowly and he immediately felt how warm Jongdae's hand was. They walked quietly, shoulders rubbing each other lightly with a visible smile on their faces.

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