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happy chanbaek day! even though i'm a day late.

"Baekhyun, what are we waiting for" Chanyeol asked.

It was currently 3 am when Baekhyun and Chanyeol safely arrived at Baekhyun's apartment. They fought the extremely cold weather and walked down the dark streets that were extremely silent, with no cars passing by the icy roads. His apartment was surprisingly closer than Chanyeol thought, and only took them a few minutes to get there. They were now standing in front of his apartment, waiting for Baekhyun to open the door.

On the latter, Baekhyun was now hesitant in letting Chanyeol in. He suddenly remembered the posters and pictures that he hung up on his walls and was nervous if those were going to make Chanyeol uncomfortable.

"Oh, shit" Baekhyun mumbled after realizing he also left some vibrators and dildos on the floor.

Chanyeol was just looking at the smaller in confusion, thinking why he didn't want to open the door. I mean they were outside, for a while now and then it dawned unto him that Baekhyun was probably uncomfortable letting him inside. Both of them were having their own conflicts, a reminder that they care about one another's feelings. Pouting slightly, Chanyeol looked at Baekhyun and said

"I think I'll stay over at someone else" Chanyeol sighed.

Baekhyun quickly snapped out of his thoughts and grabbed Chanyeol's  hand when he was about to walk away from him , replying back with complete seriousness.

"Dont, leave. It's not safe alone"

Chanyeol stopped on his tracks, turned around and just smiled at Baekhyun in gratefulness.

Baekhyun then took a deep breath before opening the door of his apartment, letting Chanyeol in first. Chanyeol walked down the small hallway, taking his shoes first before being surprised as soon as he got in, it was breathtaking. Baekhyun got complete sets of his albums stocked on his cabinet, all four walls also had Chanyeol's face in it, and he was complete with all his merchandise ranging from lightsticks to dolls that were placed on his bed.

While Chanyeol was roaming his room, Baekhyun took this time to find his sex toys on the floor and hide them inside his drawer beside his bed. Luckily for him Chanyeol took a while before turning his back at him, but Baekhyun was still not yet done when he did.

"Baekhyun, I've never seen a room like this" he spoke.

Baekhyun looked up from the floor and just smiled sweetly at Chanyeol not hearing his question

"What are you doing?" Chanyeol asked.

Baekhyun was glued to the floor, with his hand reaching underneath the bed looking for his last vibrator. He just smiled cheekily at Chanyeol before returning to what he was doing.

Chanyeol came closer wanting to help Baekhyun when suddenly, he stepped on something quite hard. He looked down at the floor near the bed stand and soon after he saw a small carrot about the size of his thumb and tried to pick it up from the ground. It was kinda sticky making Chanyeol's face scrunch up.

Baekhyun immediately jumped on his bed to get 'his toy' from Chanyeol, and hid it inside his pocket.

"What was that?" Chanyeol asked

Baekhyun suddenly turned red due to complete embarrassment before stuttering the words,

"J-just a toy that my nephew left"

Chanyeol just nodded back thinking it was saliva that made it sticky.

Baekhyun then awkwardly went to his closet, finding clothes for him and Chanyeol for them to change. It was now winter time so he thought it would be best if they wore sweaters and long clothes. So he grabbed his oversized grey sweater that was made by his grandma and gave it to Chanyeol and a hoodie for him to wear.

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