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stream love shot!


It was a Saturday morning and as soon as Chanyeol got inside the SM Building, he was cautious on being completely invisible to the people surrounding him especially to one person, named Kim Jongdae. With his loud voice, he could make anyone hear what they were talking about and based on experience it led to Chanyeol having multiple scandals.

Chanyeol felt relieved when he stopped in front of the elevator without anyone noticing him. He clicked the elevator button waiting for it to come down. "Come on, hurry up" he exclaimed, but it was too late for him. There was somebody who saw him walking with his tall height.

"You dick! Who were you with last night!?" Jongdae screamed at the end of the hallway.

"Shit!" Chanyeol hurriedly pressed the button multiple times, thinking that it might make the elevator come down faster. To his dismay, his dinosaur friend was much faster and he grabbed onto Chanyeol's arm swaying it with excitement and curiosity.

"Was it a girl? was it ? was it?" Jongdae annoyingly asked.

"Shut up" Chanyeol whispered in a hush tone, looking around quite worried about the people around him.

"So, it was a boy?!" Jongdae exclaimed, startling people around them.

"Shut up!" Chanyeol yelled covering Jongdae's mouth.

The elevator soon opened and so they went inside, Chanyeol pressed the close button in case someone else might come in. "So, who was it?" Jongdae grinned like a mad man.

"It was no one" Chanyeol replied, rolling his eyes in return.

"Your post, doesn't seem like it's no one~" Jongdae exclaimed, singing the last part obviously annoying his friend.

"It was Jongin" Chanyeol replied with a poker face on, but Jongdae was his best friend, and no lie of Chanyeol could ever get past him.

" Liar" Jongdae whispered.

The elevator opened, and Chanyeol immediately stepped outside the elevator and went inside the pantry area while Jongdae following him after. Chanyeol stopped at the farthest table they could reach, making sure no one was going to here them.

"Sit down" Chanyeol ordered.

Jongdae grinned in relief "Finally, you're going to tell me what happened"

"I mean, you're never going to stop bugging me unless I say what happened right..."

Jongdae laughed out loudly hitting the table repeatedly "You know me so well"

"So when are you going to stop, so I can tell you already?"

Jongdae immediately stopped, and looked at him seriously. "I'm ready Yeol, just do it"

"Yuck, it looks like I'm going to fuck you or something"

"Just do it!" Jongdae angrily replied hitting the table in return.

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