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Get a friend like Chanyeol

"I rejected countless of girls just for that egg looking guy"

It was currently one in the morning and Jongin was still continuously venting his frustrations on Kyungsoo to Chanyeol. As a good friend, Chanyeol decided to stay until Jongin decides to drop their call. Which Chanyeol thinks, might take a while more .

"I even rejected Krystal" Jongin announced.

Kyrstal Jung, Chanyeol thought. Voted as the most popular actress in Korea, won the Fashionista award, and the one and only main vocalist and visual of the well known group f(x). What a waste, Chanyeol thought.

"Wow... " was the only statement Chanyeol said as a form of surprise and dismay.

"If I knew this would happen, I should've accepted her confession"

Irritated by his reply, Chanyeol remembered the times he and Sehun adviced Jongin to confess to his little crush Kyungsoo. A simple reminder they gave to Jongin everyday from when he visited him in his shoots, to the small talk they would have everyday.

"What do you mean if you knew this would happen? I know its quite hard, but you know that Kyungsoo won't be single forever" Chanyeol complained

He said expecting him to reply back with a 'yeah' or 'you guys were right'.

"It's easier said than done. Try being in my place" he backlashed his thoughts

"We told you to confess to Kyungsoo countless of time yet you didn't listen to us"

"Hyung, I did confess to him countless of time. He's just so... thick headed" he backlashed Chanyeol's thoughts again

"What do you mean?" Chanyeol asked not understanding his answer.

"I mean, I did ask him out countless of times"

"Really, when?"

"Hyung, everytime you ask me to go confess to Kyungsoo, I would always ask him out on a date."

"Havent he realized that you like him?"

"No, he's just so... " But before Jongin could even finish, Chanyeol beat him.

"I think I understand. Kyungsoo might be romantic in movies but he's very slow in real life." Chanyeol announced

"But I don't understand how him and Sohyun became together if he's so thick headed" He continued.



"Kyungsoo was the one who asked Sohyun out"

Chanyeol froze on his bed when he said that. There, he realized how unfortunate Jongin was to be head over heels for Kyungsoo. Chanyeol knows how much Jongin loves Kyungsoo, he even declined all the girls who wanted to date him. He was there for Kyungsoo always, from good times to bad times. He knew how sad Jongin was when Kyungsoo kissed a girl for his movie and even cried at Sehun's house while they were comforting him. He knows how sad Jongin was when Kyungsoo got mad at him for being too clingy. Him and his friends knows how much Jongin has been through, all except Kyungsoo.

Now, Do Kyungsoo likes someone else, and unfortunately it isn't Jongin.

"Jongin I... "

"It's okay, I know how sad you are for me"

He doesn't know how to reply back and just said the first thing that came to his mind.

"Jongin, I think it's time you give up on him"

Expecting him to reply immediately, it became quiet after that. Them suddenly, Chanyeol heard soft sobs that slowly turned into loud cries from the other side of the line.


It was the first time Chanyeol heard Jongin cry this loud. It wasn't this loud when he cried over Kyungsoo kissing a girl for his movie. This Jongin was the most vulnerable Jongin he has heard. The Jongin he know was strong, no matter how thick headed Kyungsoo was he never gave up. He knew Kyungsoo was straight as a brick yet he tried and tried. He wasn't even afraid of the people who'll bash him for being gay because he loves Kyungsoo too much to even notice them, but right now he's broken.

And unfortunately, Jongin is the only one who can fix himself now.

After five minutes he settled down probably because he forgot Chanyeol was there. With a shattered heart he forced himself to ask his hyung to help him.

"Hyung help me, what will I do now?"

'It's now or never' Chanyeol thought

"It's probably best if you stay away from Kyungsoo for awhile, sort out your feelings first because I'm sure you'll only get hurt when you see him with Sohyun"


"When you're ready to meet him make sure you dont have any hard feelings anymore and you can fully accept their relationship"

"I'll try, I'll try hard to let go of my feelings for him"


"Yeah, I promise"


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